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June 2019
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Forget the occupiers
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:38 pm

Please keep reminding yourself that the occupy wherever people are nothing but distraction form BHO’s failures.  These people, if I may use the term loosely, are not the 99% they are truly less than 1% being urged on by the MMM. (Malicious Mendacious Media)  If they were doing this closer to the election the regime could stir them up into a froth, then claim civil unrest in order to call off the elections! 

BHO has absolutely nothing to run on next November.  This means he has to create something to make himself look good, relevant, smart, better or some such nonsense in order to get reelected.  So this coming year you will hear the MMM call every credible Republican candidate everything from child-molester to rapist to used car salesman (All without any substantiating evidence) in order to make BHO look better than them.  You will have people in the administration dropping bombs about peoples’ personal lives that probably won’t be true.  Most of you know this ahead of time. BTW watch for election fraud on a grand scale that won’t be followed up by the MMM!

The problem is that by the time they (or their family or friends) are cleared the damage will be done.  There are many people out there that still get what passes for news from the MMM and the MMM are firmly implanted in BHO’s pocket.  They are no longer trying to hide it and when called out on it they act like nothing is wrong!  

I have written rants detailing some of BHO’s crimes and misdemeanors and the one thing you will notice about them all is that the MMM has wasted no time or ink on any of them.  Had any Republican been involved with any one of Fast & furious, Solyndra or the New Black Panther debacle in Philadelphia to name only a few, the MMM would be calling for impeachment.  The House and Senate Demoncrats would have instituted investigations and started impeachment proceedings. 

The brouhaha over BHO’s religion and national origin are nothing compared to what would be happening if he were a Republican. BHO certainly favors Islamic regimes over Christian and Jewish governments. He cancels the prayer day at the White House while he celebrates Muslim holidays.  He insists that we do not protect our borders. (By the way, that is one of the few things he is charged with doing!) A Republican would have been excoriated in the MMM for any one of these things. (You might have to change the circumstances a little.  For example he would have to express Christian beliefs.)

So this election season ask yourself these questions:
1)       Does any country in the world respect us more than before he took office? (Or as much?)
2)       Is anyone better off than four years ago? (Not counting federal employees)
3)       Exactly what can BHO point to that he actually accomplished? (Bush lined up the shot on OBL, BHO just pulled the trigger.) (The French and British got Kaddafi.(Spell that however you like. he’s dead.)) (Who says what is replacing him is better?)  


World Economic Summit
During a World Economic Summit, Barack Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderón, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are ceremonially riding in Japan’s newest bullet train.
As you might know all of these political leaders have big egos and this is what ensued.
Barack Obama says “This is a fine bottle of wine Nicolas”
Upon hearing this President Nicolas Sarkozy throws out a case of France’s finest wine and says “In France fine wine is bountiful and plenty!”
Not to be outdone by Vladimir Putin who then throws out two cases of Russia’s finest Vodka “In Russia premier vodka spirits flow like the Volga River”
President Obama not wanting to seem weak, thinks for a moment, looks at Mexican president Felipe Calderón, and throws him out the window. 


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