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June 2019
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A minute away from England
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:37 pm

We are about a minute from England.  The riots there are starting here already.  In Philadelphia a band of youths have been beating and robbing people in the tourist and shopping areas.  In Milwaukee, at the Wisconsin state fair there has been mob violence.  (Not the godfather kind, the roaming bands of thugs kind.) Finally, although you won’t see much reporting of it in the MMM, there is growing mob violence in Chicago.  I am sure there are examples of this kind of violence starting in more of our large cities. 

The UK Mail Online’s Max Hastings has a great, although kind of long, article which does a good job of characterizing the rioters in England and the mobs here in the US. It is well worth reading because the same thing is happening here.  One quote from the article states: “Every firm in the land knows that an East European — for instance — will, first, bother to turn up; second, work harder; and third, be better-educated than his or her British counterpart. Who do we blame for this state of affairs?”

I use this quote only to point out a similarity between the problem here and the problem in Britain.  Regardless of the root causes, (poverty, abuse, disenfranchisement, poor education, (There is a whole article there!) lack of parenting or whatever; the fact is that you have kids that are unemployable, bored and just plain ignorant unsupervised and pretty much un-cared for.  What Mr. Hastings points out in his article about the British rioters is true about a growing part of our population.

Ann Coulter’s article in Townhall brings it a little closer to home. 

Many of the kids in this country have tattoos running up their arms and around their necks, their pants are down around their knees and they do not have a relationship with a bar of soap.  Who are their parents? Who taught them?  I don’t mean math, English or history, although that’s a good question too.  I mean, who taught them to be human beings and how to interact with society?

Who is going to hire them?  Not you or anyone else.  Unfortunately I can hire an illegal alien to do what they won’t do (because they can just collect a welfare or unemployment check without having to do a damn thing and they know it.)  Since the current regime won’t enforce our borders it’s easier to hire the illegal as well cheaper. 

As the entitlements start getting cut as they are in Europe the thugs and bums will be more and more bold.  We are but a short moment from England.    

An American, an Icelander, a Frenchman, a German, a Ugandan, a Syrian and a midget tight-rope walker went into a bar.  The bartender looked up and said, “Is this a joke?”

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