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June 2019
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Would you hire Chris Mathews?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:19 pm

You no doubt have heard of the phone hacking scandal going on in Britain.  The short version is that a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch hacked on some important peoples’ phones and got caught. B.F D. The US media has done a lot worse. 

What makes this a scandal at all is the fact that Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and so the MMM has latched onto this like a bulldog in heat.  If this were the LA, NY Times or the Washington Post it would be studiously ignored for the no big deal it is.  The hackers got caught and the paper was closed down after 168 years of publication.  Quite a punishment, don’t you think?   Let’s see that happen to the NYT!

Of course all the leftists are screaming for investigation of Rupert Murdoch himself.  It doesn’t matter that the paper is just one of the hundreds of businesses that Murdoch owns.  It doesn’t matter that the chances of him knowing anything about the hacking are about as good as BHO doing a good job as President.

That leads us to the Scandals known as Operation Castaway and Fast and Furious.  Fast and Furious is the one you probably have heard a little about.  This is where the Justice Department was allowing (Not just allowing but facilitating) guns and explosives to be shipped to Mexico to Drug cartels.  This resulted in the killing of at least one dead U.S. Border Patrol agent.  A whistle blower brought that scandal to light and it promises to have ties all the way to Erik Holder’s office.

You haven’t heard of Operation Castaway only because we don’t know of any US agents being killed by this one - yet.  Here we have weapons being funneled to Honduras where the most dangerous gang in the US, MS-13, has strong ties.  This one also points to the Justice Department as the hand behind action.

Holder has been stonewalling all attempts of Congress to get to the bottom of these scandals.

If you ever had any doubt the MMM is more corrupt than an SIEU organizer at a Demoncratic fundraiser, the juxtaposition of these three stories should set you straight.  The MMM is trying to eviscerate Rupert Murdoch for something he surely wouldn’t approve of, let alone know about.  At the same time they aren’t reporting stories that surely would land Holder and his cronies in a federal prison. 

Any Republican under the same circumstances would already be stripped, tarred and feathered, and ridden out of Washington on a rail. 

Most of the left-wing propaganda newspapers and magazines are losing readership faster than Anthony Weiner can take a picture of his Anthony. The Liberal cable channels have less audience than the cartoon network.  Soon some of these morons will have to come around because unless they want to go back to flipping burgers they will be looking for legitimate work. 

Would you hire Chris Mathews?

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