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June 2019
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Socialist is code for SOCIALIST!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:12 am

To any of those who preach Socialist is the new “N” word. (Mostly NBC & MSNBC)

Let me begin by calling you deceitful and conniving. Was Socialism code for ‘Georgia Peanut Farmer’ in the 70’s when Carter was trying to get his socialist programs through or was it code for ‘Wife of Arkansas Womanizer’ when Hillary tried to pass her socialist health care? No, of course not, and socialist isn’t code for anything but SOCIALIST today.

The fact is that you actually can’t win an argument on its merits so you resort first to deception ala ‘Insurance company plants’, then to marginalizing ala ‘right wing radical cooks’ and then to scare tactics like ‘possible militia violence’ then to the ever popular name-calling. ‘un-American, birthers, deathers, evil-mongers, NAZIs’ and so on. None of that scared the American public from the town hall meetings so it’s time to drag out the liberal stand-by, RACIST!

Sorry but that one isn’t going to work either. This isn’t just about Obama. Tim Geithner – tax cheat, Joe Biden – Ultimate Washington Favor seller, Nancy Deparle – Corporate shill, Leon Panetta- inept lifetime public servant worth over 4 million dollars. Nice work if you can get it, Carol Browner – tried to get us Dubai ports. These are only a few of the ones you don’t hear so much about. These people should ALL be in prison. This entire administration is corrupt even by Washington DC standards. Bernie Matoff is sitting in prison thinking, “I should have gotten a cabinet position not jail.”

Most of the people of this country can see what drooling lap dogs the media outlets are. Those who don’t know don’t read or listen to anything but the major media outlets. These people should be ashamed for HELPING elect this thief and his cronies.

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