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March 2019
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We won’t get fooled again. (Yeah, right.)
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:39 pm

The election season has started.  Well, it never stopped for BHO.  Every time he opens his mouth it is another campaign speech.  So far we have two contenders.  Newt and Ron.  More are coming soon. 

It will be easy to see which ones BHO and his cronies in the MMM (Malignant, Mendacious Media) are worried about and which ones they want to run against.  The ones that worry them will be the ones the Sunday morning talk shows and the worst of the yellow journals (New York Times) and the Washington Post try to malign, mistreat, insult and otherwise tear down.  One of their favorites is, “Won’t it be a shame for the Republicans if Carl Conservative or Tina Tea get the nomination.  The Republicans won’t have a chance.”  This will come from the MMM pundits who were praising John McCain during the ’08 primaries.  This brings up how they let you know who they want to run against. 

The usual blather goes something like this:  MMM unbiased reporter asks the really unbiased pundit, “What do you think about the Republican field Pundie?”  “Well, George, Katie, Bob (or whichever unbiased reporter it happens to be) I think the real threat will be Mike Milktoast.  He is the guy with the stuff to beat BHO.”  He then says something like, “Mike’s unblemished record of reaching out and compromising (Code for capitulating) will be what will excites the independents.

This is the strategy they used in 2008 and it really worked great.  We ended up with our weakest nominee for president since Wendell Willkie in 1940.  The Democrats have to try the same thing in 2012 because it worked so well.

They will get away with it too.  The MMM will do everything they can to push our worst candidate and destroy our best.  The establishment Republicans won’t be any help.  They know that if a TEA party candidate gets nominated that their cushy way of life will be done and they will have to, like their Democrat friends, go back to chasing ambulances. 

Tell your friends not to be fooled by Brian Williams, Dianne Sawyer, Katie Couric, Rachel Madcow, the New York Times, Washington Post or the know-it-all down the street.  Tell them to do their homework like their life depends on it because it does.   

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