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February 2019
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This wasn’t BHO’s choice
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:09 pm

Can you possibly doubt that BHO was dragged kicking and screaming to the decision to end the life of UBL?  First of all, the timing is all wrong to do BHO any real political good.  It is way too far away from the election to raise him up.  Even though with the state of affairs in this country I don’t think it would do him much good anyway.

The second problem is that it was mostly the policies of the Bush administration that brought about the opportunity to nail UBL.  Even members of the regime stated that it was certainly the enhanced interrogation techniques that started the ball rolling. The entire operation just smacks of the stuff real men are made of.  Not liberals.

Undoubtedly he had to do it because too many people in the government knew where UBL was.  How long would it take before word leaked out to the public that BHO knew where UBL was for months without doing anything about it?  Even though using the military the way it should be used pissed off his comrades on the left, it would have been certain political death to let the 9/11 mastermind lounge around for too long.  At least this way he can try to spin it as though he actually had something to do with it and that he personally supervised it. 

BHO has willing shills in the media that will help him revise the story until it sounds somewhat possibly, maybe, kind of true if you keep one eye closed and squint with the other.  You know, like the 40 minute fire fight oh I mean no firefight well kind of. Then there was no form of communications on the compound oh, except for the satellite dish, computers and the cell phones and maybe the carrier pigeons and there were no weapons found, then one guy fired back, then they found a cache of weapons, then UBL wasn’t armed, then he had an AK-47 within reach, then the Seals killed his daughter, no they killed his wife, no he tried to use his wife as a shield and the Seals shot her in the leg.  We’ll wait while you set the story you want.

Once again BHO has taken a pretty straight forward mission and tried to corrupt it into a political event.  He should take lessons from some of those who preceded him.  Do your job the best you can for the good of the country.  Oh sorry, I forgot, this is the BHO regime.

A politician wakes up in the hospital after a complicated operation to find the curtains were drawn around him.  “Why are the curtains closed, is it night?” he asked.  A nurse replied, “No, it’s just that there’s a fire across the street and we didn’t want you waking up thinking that the operation wasn’t successful.” 

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