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June 2019
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The media…again
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:25 pm

Now that they have such a balls-to-the-wall liberal administration the lame stream media (NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, NYT, NPR, etc.) has felt it OK to completely drop all pretense of actually reporting the news.  Unless it’s a dog bites man piece or what lady Gaga is wearing today they just can’t keep their opinion out of the story.  Worse than that, they continually report part of the story (the part they want you to see) or fail to report a story they don’t want you to see.  In a way this is a good thing.  For many years they had the vast majority of the people fooled.  But now that they are so obvious they have made it so much easier to point out their lies and cover-ups.  They are having trouble with their creditability when every day another lie is exposed.

Another piece of good news is that talk radio, FOX television and conservative authors are breaking through more and more each day.   The authors are hitting the top of the best sellers list with increasing regularity.  It isn’t just the rabid right wing buying these books.  Middle of the road people are becoming more and more convinced that conservative ideas and ideals are the way to save the country.

I rail against the media more than any other group because without the liberal main stream media the scumbags that occupy Washington could never have gotten there.  My favorite example is the Republican nominee for President in 2008, John McCain.  Without the overt help of the media he never could have been nominated.  My theory is that the liberal media picked who they thought was the weakest of the front runners in the GOP primaries (McCain) and backed him to the hilt.  Of course, once he won the nomination, not one of these bottom feeders had a single good word for the old geezer.  I truly believe that Huckabee or Romney could have beaten Obama.

The second example is tied closely to the first.  So much of what Obama has said is lies that were so very easily debunked.  Where was the media. “My father fought in WWII.”.  Neither of his fathers was older than 11 by the end of the war!

Just listen to conservative talk radio, watch FOX, read some of the conservative blogs like or and read some of the conservative authors (They are easy to find. Just look at the top of the best seller lists on any given week.) to see what is happening to your country.

Like I have said before. Cancel subscriptions, let the television people know you aren’t going to support their sponsers.  Eventually, maybe, they will get the idea that they should go back to honesty.

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