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July 2019
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Arizona’s law is just and fair
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:37 pm

We need to support anti-amnesty programs.  One that has been doing a a great job is Roy Beck’s

How much sillier can the argument over Arizona’s new law be?  There is an MSNBC headline that reads, “Arizona law makes illegal aliens criminals.”  In case any of the liberal donkeys didn’t notice the word illegal pretty much denotes criminal.  There are two parts of this argument, that if you just take a second to think about them, are stunning.

Let’s take Arizona’s side first.  First of all, Arizona has begged and begged the federal government to enforce the federal immigration laws that are on the books and to do something about the border.  The federal government for decades has ignored the problem or done very little.  This problem is getting worse and worse.  Arizona citizens have a right to security from threats both domestic and foreign.  They decided that if the federal government won’t do anything they will.  The law really doesn’t violate anyone’s civil rights.  For your civil rights to be violated you have to be done harm.  Every alien, I mean legal alien, is required to carry their visa, passport, green card or some form of ID that shows they are in the country legally.  That is a fact.  It is very rare that anyone has been asked to produce this proof.  The law in Arizona requires that the person in question have some reason to be stopped.  Standing in line at the grocery speaking Spanish will not get you stopped but sticking up the grocery will.

Now the illegal alien side is that they have a right to be here.  This is seconded by the president of Mexico, Felipe De Jesus Calderon Hinojosa.  He says that the Arizona law violates human rights.  Obama agrees.  Mexico’s immigration laws are very strict and they are enforced.  You could not get away with any of the crap that the Mexicans are getting away with here.  First of all you get thrown in jail for ever increasing periods if you get caught entering illegally.  All government business id conducted in Spanish, as well as all education.  If you decide to emigrate there you must already be wealthy.

I understand that isn’t the Mexicans fault that their country has tough immigration laws.  The point I’m making is that their president can’t blow off his mouth that any law in our country is unfair.  With the exception of England, we are almost the only developed country with such a lax immigration policy.  Most of the countries of Europe are as harsh as Mexico. 

Just this week a Phoenix food chain was raided and they had to fire the 300 illegal aliens that were working there.  The jobs were immediately taken by Americans that the libs would tell you. “won’t do that work.”

We need to support anti-amnesty programs.  One that has been doing a lot is Roy Beck’s

One Response to “Arizona’s law is just and fair”

  1. Mike Melchiorre Says:
    Hi Joe, I needed that this morning! I like hearing your “rants”. We need a similar law in Texas. I have nothing personal against illegals. It is just that we have laws for a reason, they should be enforced. If there is no enforcement the law should not be a law! When are you coming to Texas?