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May 2019
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It isn’t Obama’s fault.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:05 pm

If you think about the pickle the country is in right now, you will have to admit that it isn’t Obama’s fault. First of all he told us all what he wanted to do. He said that he is in favor of a single-payer healthcare system. He said he wanted to spread the wealth around. He was the most radically left Senator in the Senate. The information about his past was widely available. There wasn’t a single moment that we couldn’t have found out what a putrid pile of parakeet poop he is. So what happened?

Our friends in the dinosaur media made their minds up that he was their candidate from the beginning. Even in the primaries they helped to eliminate his Democrat rivals. And then they really got biased! They were nice to McCain during the primaries because they could see, as any of us could, that he was the weakest Republican candidate we could have put up. I firmly believe the media was as responsible for McCain winning the Republican nomination as they were for Obama’s election. At every turn the media tried, successfully I might add, to hide every Obama flaw. They worked as hard as they could to make McCain look like a relic and Palin look like a buffoon. The many favors that those on NBC, CBS ABC, MSNBC and the print media did for the Obama campaign are all over YouTube. That most of these hacks can look themselves in the mirror is a testament of their absolute lack of conscience and honesty.

The biggest blame goes to us. Around 129,000,000 people voted in the presidential election and about 70,000,000 of them voted for Obama. Many of those people, I dare say most of them, could not tell you Obama’s position on one single issue. They can be split into a few categories. 1) Mad at Bush. The Democrats could have run a chaise lounge and they would have voted for it. 2) Die-hard liberals. They wouldn’t vote for a Republican if it was their mother. 3) Sheep. All the hopey, changey crap sounded good even though they had no idea in the world what or who they were voting for.

The good things that will come from this election are as follows: 1) We will have a Republican House and Senate in 2010 or 2012. (Most of the new people will be real conservatives.) 2) We will have a Republican President in 2012. 3) Many R.I.N.Os that we couldn’t have gotten rid of otherwise will be gone. 4) Politicians will think a little harder about screwing with the American people.

The bad news is that I don’t think we can stop the eventual slide into European Socialism. Soon we won’t have a generation that remembers what true hardship is. Schools are no longer teaching the philosophies of the founding fathers. More and more parents are abdicating the raising of their children to leftist teachers and even more leftist television. More and more people are living on the teat of government. In the 60’s I believe twenty-some percent of the people depended on the government for survival. I saw that last year 47% were dependent on the state. What happens when that number gets higher? The only hope we have is to fight against government growth and corruption.


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