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September 2018
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More Hope and Change
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:03 pm

So, after much wrangling, bribing, threatening, under the table deals and outright lying the Democrats got their healthcare “reform” bill passed.  Go here to see how your congressman voted. 

Most of the bribes have been covered in the media.  It is just ridiculous that “principled” congressmen and women can be bought off so easily.  A few hundred million in Louisiana and Hawaii, a Medicaid deal in Nebraska, a promise of an executive order outlawing abortion and some airport money in Michigan.  Does Stupidak actually believe the jug-eared liar in the White House when he makes a promise?  How about the Dodd hospital wing in Connecticut?   There are dozens more of these give-aways and probably dozens more that we haven’t heard about. 

Every Democrat that voted for this stinking pile of rat dropping should be thrown out of office in November.  (By the way, you can count the Republicans that voted for this bill on no fingers.)  Make sure you vote the wretched little pig  Mary Landrieu out in Louisiana.  Be sure to call, write and email the members that voted for this bill to scold them and remind them what will happen to them at election time.  Write, call and email the people that voted against the bill to thank them.  After all they did try to do what was right for their constituents.

There are many legal challenges ahead for the feted lump of elephant dung.  It will be fought by 37 states and several private institutions.  This entire process was unconstitutional and with a little luck it can be held up until after the November elections and be overturned, either in court or by the new congress.

Hope and change.  Hope for a change in November and a bigger one in 2012.

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