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December 2019
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A multipart, rambling, disjointed rant.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:35 pm

A multipart, rambling, disjointed rant. 

 Part one is all about people that shouldn’t have drivers’ licenses.  I know I’ve been down this road before.  Get it?  Anyway I do a lot of driving for my day job so I get to see many stupid and irresponsible drivers.  In just the last month I’ve seen right turns across three lanes of traffic. How about someone that tailgates at seventy miles per hour and was probably surprised when he ran into the back of the tractor-trailer. Then there are the ones that nap, text or talk on their phone through a green light.  Luckily I’m not allowed to shoot them. Then you have the thirty mph driver on the interstate.  They are always fun to be behind. Especially when there is seventy-some mph traffic coming up behind you! When a left turn light turned red an idiot decided to swerve into the straight ahead lane and sideswiped another car.  I saw all that and more in the last month.  I’m in south Florida and I expect to see that stuff during tourist season but in the summer?  My only explanation is that more and more of the snowbirds are moving here.  There is also the problem of people that just don’t know or follow traffic laws.

 OK, enough of my little peeves.

What the hell is this attraction to socialism?  It takes about a minute on the internet to discover that it doesn’t work.  From Venezuela and Denmark to California and New York.  Pure Capitalism is everyone working for what they have.  Pure Socialism is the government providing everything you have.  Like education, healthcare, food, housing and so on.  It sounds pretty good until you realize that somebody has to pay for these things.  What normally happens is that the government raises taxes on people that earn money to pay for the goodies.  This can work…for a minute.  There are a few things that can and most certainly will happen.  (Any or all)  1: those getting taxed go broke and end up on the receiving end of the benefits.  2: those being taxed move someplace else.  3: those getting taxed decide its easier to not work and take the benefits. (Kind of like 1 except before they go broke.)  4: the government takes over bank accounts and businesses. (This ends up destroying said businesses because the good jobs go to friends of the leaders and then most of the money goes to the elites.  Look at the once oil rich nation of Venezuela.)  5:  when the business get ruined people lose their jobs then they have to get the benefits. Then the government raises the taxes on lower and lower income people then they stop working and then those things the government is supposed to provide cease to exist and you end up eating your pets to survive.  So what is the attraction?  Can that many people be that stupid?

 What about the democrat love for illegal aliens?  The democrat union leaders say they are for the Americans in their unions but whole heartedly support the politicians (with big, big bucks) that want more and more illegals.  This is actually a shared problem  Republican and democrat.  The lobbyists that pay off republicans and the democrats want the cheap labor.  The democrats need a permanent underclass to promise free stuff to in order to get and keep their votes.  Why, since hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS are streaming across the southern border, turning California and other parts of the country into non American democrat areas.  Why hasn’t a democrat or republican government done anything to stop the flow? Hmmmm?

 Now let’s talk about the democrat clown show running for president.  Just plain wow.  Diversity in everything but ideas.  They are all promising free stuff.  Crazy Bernie is the only honest one.  He says he will tax the hell out of everyone with money. Now that sounds like a formula for success to me.  Biden says poor kids are as smart and talented as white kids.  Nobody believes anything Harris says. Warren proves she’s a liar daily. And so it goes.

It’s quite a while until the election and a lot can happen but here is how they stand right now.  The positions don’t surprise me and I doubt they will change much by primary time.  What surprises me is that I don’t know most of the names.  Here’s the list from one site.  There are a lot of sites with similar polls.  They’re definitely going to need more than one clown car.

A couple is lying in bed after a rousing good time when her cell phone rings.  Her end of the conversation goes like this:
“Oh hi honey.  How’s everything going?”
“Great! Are you having a good time?”
“That’s good.” 
“I miss you too”
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
She hangs up and her boyfriend asks who called?
“Oh, that was my husband. He was telling me what a great time he is having at the golf outing with you.”

What’s the difference between a prostitute and a democrat?
A prostitute stops screwing you when you run out of money?

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