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December 2019
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A multipart rant
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 8:29 pm

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A multi-part rant

1: I lied to you. A couple of rants ago I wrote that Hillary won 57 counties in the election. This is information I got from a web page that was in error. Hillary won 487 counties. It is important that when you publish information that it is correct otherwise you look like a fool and nobody will believe you. Thanks to my friend Phil for pointing it out to me

2: A. little note to the ass-clown headed east on Indiantown Road yesterday about 7:45 am in a black Nissan Pathfinder. You cut me off as you were speeding and going lane to lane. I’m sure you didn’t hear me cursing you out or see me flipping you the bird. The point of this is that it was about 8 miles before I turned off and you were 3 cars ahead of me when I did. You probably drove two miles extra side-to-side. Idiot.

3: The demoncRATs are behaving like spoiled six year olds. Donald Trump won the election and between them and Obama’s Organizing For Action which used to be Organizing For America, the protest and riot starters, they will do whatever it takes to destroy Trump. They, along with their propaganda arm the MSM, have lied, exaggerated, distorted and just plain made up stories they think could help wreck Trump. They omitted anything that could be construed as helpful to the administration. All of this to the detriment of the country. For the next eight years (That’s right, I said eight years.)(Unless of course, they kill him) they will keep every story that can hurt Trump on the front page. They will protest and riot at every opportunity and do whatever damage they can. Trump complains about the “Fake Media” for good cause. CNN in particular has been responsible for many a false story followed closely by the New York Times.

4: We have people coming into this country that want to hurt us. No, make that KILL us. Some want to actually blow us up. Some want to change the country by taking it over. The illegal aliens are becoming a very large democrat voting block. In some towns and counties there are non American mayors and Sharia courts. See here The establishment demoncRATs and republicrats want illegals. The dems for a voting block and the RINOs for cheap labor. 

The only chance we have is to support the Trump administration and keep electing more and more conservatives in the future. 

A little old lady calls 911. When the operator answers she yells,”Help, send the police to my house right away! There’s a damn Republican on my front porch and he’s playing with himself.

“What? ” the operator exclaimed.
“I said there is a damn Republican on my front porch playing with himself and he’s weird; I don’t know him and I’m afraid! Please send the police! ” the little old lady repeated.
“Well, now, how do you know he’s a Republican?
“Because, you damn fool, if it was a Democrat, he’d be screwing somebody! “


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