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June 2019
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Not tweeting today!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:21 pm

 I haven’t ranted in a while, mostly because I have been satisfied with making the occasional snarky tweet. Well, things have gotten just way too silly and one hundred forty characters aren’t enough to express my inner conservative. 

I guess the place to start is the absolutely pathetic Republican establishment. From the Senate minority “leader”, Bitch McConnell to the whiney, Obama-whipped John, I left my testicles in my first term, Boehner the Speaker for Obama of the House. Their underlings like McCarthy and Ryan aren’t any better. The lot of them couldn’t beat a third grade short bus debating team. In a word they are terrified. They are so afraid that if they criticize BO, (Not worth the letters it takes to spell his name) HOlder Criminal at large) or Nancy, one more face lift and she’ll have a beard, Pelosi they will be called racists by the liberal cockroaches and the DMP (Democrat Propaganda Machine (once known as the MSM)) The truth is they are so afraid of losing their coveted ruling class status that they cower under their desks anytime a democRAT walks by. They have made all these phony Repeal Obamacare votes knowing that they will go nowhere in the Senate. Then they vote to continue funding it! WTF? That is deceit and dishonesty. We need to seriously clean house in 2014.

The latest bit of collusion is the plan they have in the house to pass a bill which both funds AND defunds Obamacare. Sounds crazy, right? Here’s an article about the bill.

Now, the democRATs. You have heard many times that all politicians lie. I think I coined the corollary: Show me a politician that Never lied and I’ll show you a politician that has never held office. The democRATs do it so well and so often that it’s almost impossible when they have told the truth. I have chronicled, more than once, BO’s lies. Here is a partial list. Of course any list you make will be incomplete as long as he is speaking. The lies, he, Joe, The biggest joke in politics, Biden and the rest of them have told are monumental to say the least. I’m sure they sit around with their umbrella-drinks laughing their asses off at how gullible the public is. The entire Syria debacle is nothing but lies from beginning to end. First there are rumors that the only group using chemical weapons was the rebels.

I have to detour here into what I believe is some of the worst presidential actions ever. We went into every adventure in the Middle-East where there were dictators and replaced them with Islamic extremists in every case. We knew the dictators and we kept them in their place. They didn’t like us much but that was OK. The replacements, on the other hand, not only don’t like us but want to kill us – ALL. As far as the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaida, Hamas and Hezbollah are all concerned all Americans and Jews should be used as fuel for the fires of hell. These are the people that BO supports while telling the people of the US he wants a strong America in the world. Oh and at the same time carving up our military.

OK I’m back. Other rumors were that BO and his crew KNEW the rebels were gassing their own people. Next comes the stupid, no asinine, move of telling the world exactly what his plans were after stressing that he did not draw a red line that he actually drew. Then Lurch Kerry the lying, fake war hero, tax dodging, gold digger makes a stupid remark about giving Assad a week to give up his WMDs (Yes, boys and girls, chemical and biological weapons are WMDs too) and everybody grabs at that offer while Lurch Kerry the lying, fake war hero, tax dodging, gold digger tries to walk back the comment. So now the Russians and the Syrian government like this. First of all because Assad has said all along he didn’t use them! So BO was able to weasel out of using force because of a technicality where he was only going to do it because someone crossed HIS red line in the first place. We will see how all this works out in the end.

The liar-in-chief still has an approval rating that is pretty high for the mess he has made. The main reason for this is that he tries desperately to appear as though he is trying to fix what he is breaking and is against his own policies. This makes the uninformed and misinformed think it isn’t his fault. Rush Limbaugh calls it the Limbaugh theorem. Essentially it means blame anything and anybody for the disaster you have caused. Particularly G. W. Bush.

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