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June 2019
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How do we correct the course?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:11 pm

I believe I understand why Romney lost the election and why Republicans are going to find it more and more difficult to win elections at every level. The problem is that the cure won’t come for a long time. Forget all that outreach monkey manure!

First, the situation we face. Men are animals. Not just men but men, women and children. Whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs and anyone else I’ve missed. Take the stuff of stories. A baby somehow lost in the jungle and somehow the baby survives. Not like Tarzan or another fictional hero but an ordinary person born without the influence of human inventions, conveniences, drama or tribulations. He has only a few things to worry about: food, water, shelter and of course not getting eaten by tougher animals.

The boy, sorry sexist me, like any other animal will hunt the easiest prey and forage for the easiest vegetation. He won’t go looking to knock off a lion, (more than once) at least not if he sees what the lion can do. He isn’t going to look for saffron and truffles. No, he will probably go after rabbits, squirrels, any of the more docile animals and leaves and fruits he sees other animals eat. In other words he will do what is easiest. Eat, sleep, hunt and forage. I believe that without a reason or inspiration to strive for a better life man’s natural instinct is to do as little as possible to survive.

As long as the teachers demonize the rich, deify government and fill pliable little brains with Socialist, Communist elephant excrement and without someone to teach our boy how to make more of himself or get more or even want more he will just be. With each generation that is steeped in this liberal crap our chances of maintaining a democratic republic dwindle. The schools alone don’t create this cesspool of subjects; an accommodating government is needed. (I think if you’ve read my rants you know I don’t have to mention the MMM.)(Mendacious, Malignant Media)

This is what the Demorats are creating. When you dispirit people by making work difficult or even impossible to find and you convince them they need the government to get by (which, when you GIVE them all they need to get by isn’t difficult to do) and you continually attack the rich and wealth creators they will go to the dark side.

So why are they doing this? Many of the teachers and media, having been brought up this way, actually believe this oxen ordure. As for those in power it is simply power. Give the masses what they need to get by, promise them more and withhold the goodies if they step out of line and you have power. Eventually this either caves in and you have chaos or the government pukes modify the plan and you have Europe. (Which will only take a little longer to cave in.)

Sorry I digress, that’s another whole can of whale waste. My point is that it took generations to get us here and IF we can turn around it will take generations to fix.

By the way, my first sentence of this rant is flawed. Many republicans like things the way they are as much as the Demorats. So to begin with we have to get the party out of the hands of the R.I.N.Os. Then the hard part. Get the schools back on track. When your’s or someone you know’s little darling comes home and tells you that you should love some Socialist cow caca, correct them then try to have the teacher that fed that crap to them drawn and quartered. Complain to the school board about communist course material. (Oh no, I actually have to watch what they are teaching little Wilberforce?!) Making them back off is the only way you can reverse it. Then we need to get more responsible school board members elected in order to hire more honest and credible teachers. KILL TENURE!!! KILL TENURE!!! KILL TENURE!!! KILL TENURE!!! Did I forget to mention KILL TENURE!!!? It’s going to take a long time to fix.

The libtards don’t like this country as it was founded and have been changing it since Woodrow Wilson, through F.D.R., L.B.J and now B.O.. THEY WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Reminds me of cockroaches. We just need to eradicate them.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Wife to husband, “Let’s change positions tonight.”
Husband replies, “Yeah, sounds like a great idea!”
Wife, “Okay, you wash the dishes and I’ll sit on the couch and fart.

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