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February 2019
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Do they lie? But of course they do!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:20 pm

The BO regime has lied so many times in the last four years it would take less time to write about them telling the truth. Of course the most recent example is their complicity in the deaths of four Americans in Libya.  I say they are complicit because it is very obvious they knew that: 1) this wasn’t a riot abot a stupid movie trailer, 2) it wasn’t a riot at all but a preplanned attack, 3) they should have tightened ALL security around the embassies in the Middle East on 09/11. The whole reason behind the lies is very simple: BO was thought he had the cooperation and backing of both Egypt and Libya because of his conciliatory attitude toward the Muslims of the world when in fact they have less respect for him than any president ever! Bow to this!

The next lie (size-wise) is Fast and Furious.  As with most government screw-ups underlings are taking the fall but there is plenty of evidence of Holder having knowledge.  He should be fired.  We lost another American in that one, Brian Terry.  They lied about it happening until they couldn’t deny it any longer.  Then they lied and said Bush started it.  Oops, that one got screwed up because there was plenty of documentation that the Bush program called Wide Receiver actually worked for a while and drug runners were caught with the guns and arrested.  The Bush program was cancelled when the gun runners discovered there were tracking devices in the guns.  There were no such devices in the BO guns.  As a matter of fact, once the guns were purchased, they lost track of them. (That is until one was found at the Brian Terry gunfight scene. (Way to go, Eric!)

I’ve already gone into BObamacare and many of the lies associated with that disaster.  Here you can find just a few (tons)  more lies of the BO regime.  This site not only chronicles many of the lies but it is well referenced so you can be pretty sure the stories are really true. 

BO’s cohort in all of this is the MMM. (Malignant, Mendacious Media)  The truth is they can be very proud because the NBC’s, ABC’s, CBS’s, New York Times, LA TIMES and many left wing media outlets knew most of the truth about BO well before he was elected but decided better him than a Republican, any Republican.

Of course the most recent example of their dishonesty deals with the Middle East situation.  First they tried to blame it on Romney’s comments and the stupid movie trailer mentioned above.  Then they tried to twist themselves into knots excusing the massive security failure.  I have gone over and over the MMM’s shameful deceit and dishonesty.  Here is a couple of good sites to see what these pigs have done in the last four years. and  Go, and be amazed at what the “journalists” of today are!


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