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February 2019
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Blame the MMM!!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:09 pm

Rush Limbaugh said, “We can stand another four years of Obama, what we can’t stand is another four years of the people who would reelect him.”  He has a very good point.  Many people were fooled in 2008.  More than anyone could have been if not for the MMM. (Mendacious Malignant Media) had they told what surely most of them knew he would still be the most liberal Senator in Congress.  The first couple of years it was easy to protect him because of the aura of newness surrounding him and the great job the MMM did hiding his past.  As more and more of his transgressions become known the job of protecting him has become full time.

The latest example is his inexcusable behavior relative to the crisis in the Middle East. It took him forever to break away from his campaign and P.R. appearances to even comment on the situation. He and his regime have been woefully resistant to place blame on anyone who might be responsible, whether it’s his own less-than-competent foreign policy or the Muslim Brotherhood.  That alone would be bad enough but the miscreants in the MMM try to blame a third rate anti Muslim film that has been around for six months. Then they try to blame Romney’s totally appropriate statements for the uprisings. That doesn’t explain why the rioters were chanting, “Obama, Obama we are all Osamas.” This just might have been in response to the oft repeated, arrogant and self aggrandizing, claim that BO personally killed the terrorist. (Just in time for the anniversary of 9/11) 

For the BO regime or anyone else to say that Romney shouldn’t comment on this tragedy is ludicrous.  I know its an old saw but if any Republican had ignored Egypt and Libya like BO has there would be hell to pay from the MMM.  Instead they are trying to distract by telling the country that Romney isn’t presidential.  Romney is the only presidential person in sight.  BO’s Neville Chamberlain approach to foreign policy has helped spur twenty or so other uprisings and give us the complete distrust of any allies we might have in the world. 

Even though their viewership and readership is constantly shrinking the MMM still wields a lot of influence over the ill-informed. is a good site to see the lies the MMM tells.  Although they tend to overlook some liberal lies, points out many MMM lies.  Don’t trust the liberal media!

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