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March 2019
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What a liar!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 7:53 pm

Old jug ears is absolutely amazing. He has to be the most compulsive liar in politics. Grassfire Nation has published a brochure entitled ‘69 Obama lies’ which chronicles 69 of BO’s most notable lies with references. You can pick it up at Another web site is This site details even more lies. Both of these sites document the lies so you can be sure it isn’t just made-up stuf! 

Once again, I have to say, all politicians lie. Show me a politician who never lied and I’ll show you a politician who never held office. BO makes it so blatantly obvious that you know he must think he is above reproach. Narcissus had nothing on jug ears. (I recently heard that BO is sensitive about his huge ears.) (Too bad he can’t hear the mood of the American people.) Some lies are too big to believe like his recent whopper that he is the thriftiest president in the last 40 years and the Republicans are blocking his efforts to cut spending. Others have been more subtle like, “I’ve got Isreal’s back.” or the one about how the Republicans are keeping women from getting contraception. Well, maybe not so subtle.

What I don’t understand is the ignorance and stupidity of those people who STILL believe what he says. there is a chance he will be re-elected on the strength of those people who are too gulible to see what a charlatan he is and too damn lazy to find out. I know there are those folks invested in his success because they don’t want to admit what a terrible mistake they made the first time. Some very dyed-in-the-wool Democrat loyalists and donors are beginning to jump ship because they finally see that BO has openly declared war on America itself and is doing harm to jobs, foriegn relations and the economy.  Recent polls show that 40% of Jewish voters would STILL vote for BO. (Down from about 78% last election) After the way jug ears has been treating Isreal and Jews in general, all I can ask is WHY?

A Republican, a Democrat, a Jew, an Italian, a plumber, an indian medicine man and a giraffe walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “Is this some kind of joke?”

A blonde girl that needed some money decided the way to make it was to go around the neighborhood offering to do odd jobs.  The first house she stopped at was a success.  The owner asked, “How much to paint my porch?”  She walked around the house and came back and said, “If you supply the supplies I’ll charge you $50.00.” “Great, you’re hired.  The paint and brushes are around back. You can start there.

The owner’s wife asked the husband if the girl realized the porch went all the way around the house.  He said that she should she walked all the way around.

A half hour later the girl knocked on the door and said to the owner, “All done. and by the way that isn’t a Porch, it’s a Ferrari.” 


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