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June 2019
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How Can This Be?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:16 pm

Please explain to me how a president that has done the following maintain an above 40% approval rating.

  1.  Push through a universally despised and detrimental health care bill against the will of the people in order to gain control. over the people. (It has nothing to do with health-care.)
  2.  Hire avowed communists as some of his advisors.
  3.  Abandon a case of voter intimidation that his Justice Department had already won.
  4.  Sue Arizona, Utah, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina for enacting laws that support US immigration policy.
  5.  Did not reveal college records.  (Or much of anything else)  His MMM (Malignent, Mendacious Media) is responsible for that.
  6.)  Bow to leaders of enemies of the United States.
  7.  Insult an demean the leader of the only ally we have in the middle east. (Isreal) 
  8.  Encourage unruly and illegal protests. (Occupy my a**)
  9.  Insult and practically outlaw law-abiding gatherings of the TEA Party.
10.  Raise taxes on everyone. (yes even those making less than a gazillion dollars)   
11.  Outlaw only US drilling for oil. (The Mexicans, Chinese and just anyone with a drill is drilling in the Gulf Of Mexico unless it is an American company.)
12.  Nixed the Keystone XL pipeline purely for political purposes. (Costing 20,000 jobs to start.)
13.  Avoided the Constitution at every turn, especially with his birth-control edict. (A little education here.  He changed his mind and said church organizations don’t have to supply birth control and abortions.) (BFD! He isn’t allowed by law to tell churches what they can and can’t buy / provide. Now he says insurance companies must provide free birth-control and abortions. That is unconstitutional, plain and simple.
14.  Appoint a homosexual activist as the “Safe Schools Czar”. (Are you kidding me?)
15.  Appoint a total of 37 czars so far only to avoid congressional oversight.
16.  Unconstitutionally “recess” appoint several bureaucrats, again to avoid congressional oversight. 
17.  Increase the national debt that the grandchildren of anyone reading this won’t be able to pay off!

These are only a few of BO’s transgressions.  There is only one recourse for us.  Vote him out in November.

A frog telephones the Psychic Hotline and his Psychic advisor tells him, “You are going to meed a beautibul young girl who will want to know everything about you.”  The frog is thrilled.  “Will I meet her at a party?” he asks.  “No,” says the advisor, “in her biology class.”

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