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January 2019
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Are you offended?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:43 am

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all!

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 If you get offended if you hear words like ***, ****, ****, ****, ****, **********, ********, ************ or ***** then you need to read this rant. .Spencer W. Kimball said,  ”Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly”. So if some buffoon says something like “**** you” (No 4 above) or “Eat ****” (No 2) to you it’s just because they are feeble minded.  There are plenty of ways to insult a person without profanity.  Sometimes it takes a little longer like the old Egyptian one, “May your wife be infested with the fleas of 100 camels.”or, “Your daughter reminds me of Webb Hubble.”  (I wonder how many people have said that to Bill Clinton?)   

 Due to the poor state of education in our country, it is more important to learn that Sally can have two mothers and that if Billy has seven apples capitalism is unfair, instead of learning the English language, math or history.  Without profanity the movie industry would have to rely solely on talent.  What a sad state of affairs that would be!  While I *****(No 9) and moan about it I’m being a little hypocritical because I use profanity as much as the next person.  My whole point is that while it isn’t appropriate in many settings there really isn’t anything to get that worked up about.  Some of my coworkers used to call a woman I worked for a ****.(No 3)  I would explain that just because she was as useless as a glass hammer they shouldn’t call her names.  It would just get them in trouble.  (I had a real good one to put in here but it was too offensive!)

 What really bothers me is people pretending they are getting offended by non-offensive stuff.  For example there is a movement afoot to ban Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer because poor Rudoph was getting bullied.  Then there is the story of Baby It’s Cold Outside.  This song was originally in the movie Neptune’s Daughter in 1949.  Ricardo Montalban tries to get Esther Williams to stay and she wants to go.  Meanwhile in the same movie Betty Garrat sings the same song to Red Skelton trying to get him to stay.  She is just as aggressive, if not more than Ricardo was. I didn’t hear any outrage about that.  Some radio stations banned the song.  They would be happy to play Cardi B singing Eat My ***(No 1) There are hundreds of example of faux outrage about things that are totally benign.  Midget for example was an actual medical term in the 1800’s.  Now it is considered pejorative because some short person decided they were insulted by it.  When I really want to ****(No 5) someone off I call them a ********(No 7). Some of them don’t mind because, after all, they voted for Hillary.

 There are people that think no Christian religious symbols should be evident anywhere.  They are offended by them.  The same goes for statues of confederate generals. They are getting torn down all over the south.  The truth is, for better or worse, they are part of the history of this country.  They should serve as a reminder of where we went wrong and where we shouldn’t go again.  Now the SJWs are going after some of the founders of the country because they had slaves.  I’m sure you have heard of many more non offensive things snowflakes are offended by. Being offended only serves to make you a victim and diminishes your worth especially when you are offended by the inoffensive.

Sure, I’ve been called an ***(No 1)hole I simply reply that without one you would be full of (No2). 


Jeff runs into a bar and says to the bartender, 

“Quick, give me five shots of tequila.”

The bartender sets them up and as quick as he does Jeff downs them.

The bartender says, “You drank them awfully fast.”

Jeff says, “You’d drink fast if you had what I have.”

Concerned, the bartender asks,”What do you have?

“Seventy five cents.” Jeff replies as he runs out the door.




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