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I hope the kids catch on quickly
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:02 pm

I saw an article stating that more millennials believe that Trump is doing good.  I’m afraid that it won’t be enough to stop the Socialist/communist/democRAT agenda because they won’t stop until they have created another Cuba or Venezuela.  They can’t do it overnight but they have made some real progress over the past ten years. (Trying to nationalize the healthcare system and energy production are just two examples)

In theory, Socialism is great.  Everyone gets a piece of the pie, deservedly so or not.  Everyone, in theory, owns a piece of the pie making machine. (Just don’t try to sell your share.)  Nobody is poor and nobody is rich.  Well, except for the politicians and their cronies.  Of course, the media would be included because they are needed to (mis)inform the populace.  Those in the education system that teach the socialist line are also treated well.  Those who don’t are treated to the labor camps.  This is what Crazy Bernie Sanders is proposing.

Some countries have tried a combination of socialism and Democracy to some success.  They have some combination of socialized medicine, massive welfare and government owned or controlled manufacturing .  All the countries of Europe have some or all these things. Most of them have financial problems.

The two (three) biggest problems are that 1) there are almost always exorbitant taxes and 2) there is no incentive to excel and 2b) there is no entrepreneurial spirit. Why invent something or start a business if you don’t get to reap the rewards?  These same problems carry through to the healthcare system and government departments.  An example is that many Canadians that can afford it come to the US for healthcare help because you can wait ‘till after you die for a needed operation or procedure in the Canadian health system.  There are stories of people getting appointment notices for procedures only after they have died or long since gotten help in another country.  Other countries with socialist governments have the same problem.

Another problem that we face in the US is because of the media or as I like to call them, “The Democrat Office of Propaganda”.  I won’t bother trying to list all the lies they have told over the last year and a half.  Here are a few. Media lies about Trump  Low Trust in Media  A simple search on Google will find many more.  My point is that the DOP ( DemocRAT Office of Propaganda) which consists mainly  of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, PBS and a whole host of smaller “news”papers spew  bs and lies.  When the millennials see these lies they take them for the truth usually.  They don’t have a good point of reference because many of their (mis)educators reinforce the crap the DOP is selling.  Luckily there are a few places to get reasonably accurate news like Rush Limbaugh, CRTV and FOX.  The left like to say that these outlets are alt-right or Right Wing Propaganda.  If you listen to Rush for a while, you will find the tells BOTH sides of the story.  Or he tells the WHOLE story which the DOP often doesn’t. 

More and more of the people of color are catching on.  A recent poll showed that support for Trump among blacks has risen from 11% to 22% since he was elected.  They are finally understanding that the real racists are the ones that have made promises to them since the civil war and not kept a one.  

Hopefully the younger generations will come to their senses before the country goes in the can.  

Harriett was sitting in the front row of her dead husband’s memorial  when an old friend approached and asked if he could say a word. “Of course”, Harriett replied.
He went to the podium and straightened out the papers that were there, cleared his throat and said, “Plethora.” and sat down.
Harriett said to him, Thank you so much George. That means a lot.”

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