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January 2017
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Trump is a liar!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 8:00 pm

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The Trump administration has not told the truth about the crowd size at the inauguration and for this he should be impeached! There is no need to enumerate the lies the Obama regime has told. From the very beginning all the way through to his last day in office. We will be finding out more and more now that he is out of office. It just came out recently that the Islamist-InChief had been supplying ISIS and other terrorist organizations weapons in Syria.

I understand it is much more important that the crowd size of Trump’s inauguration is correctly reported than any silly weapons stuff is. OK, OK, enough of this stuff. How about the other things the demoncRATs are doing? They are doing what they can to destroy the Trump presidency. Let’s start with holding up the cabinet appointees as long as possible. It isn’t going to stop there. And it isn’t just the demoncRATs. It isn’t just the demoncRATs’ lap dog media. Many of the establishment RepublicRATs are in on it as well. Trump is threatening their whole existence. He is reducing the size of their fiefdoms, eliminating some of the perks and hopefully he will talk the real conservatives into passing term limits for congress.

Immigration is another matter not reported honestly. You wouldn’t believe the people that want as many illegal aliens (Yes, illegal f***ing aliens, not undocumented f***ing workers) as they can possibly fit. Into the country. You have the business interests that want cheap labor and the libtards who don’t believe its right for us to keep all that this country has to offer to ourselves. Of course the driving factor is the demoncRAT politicians who make it easier for them to get in, easier for them to stay, give the illegals benefits in order to convince them to vote for and keep the scumbags in power. No matter that along with the illegals there are tons of drugs and Islamist terrorists coming in as well. The politicians care more about their greedy little lives than the country. They assume they will be immune from whatever hell the their actions create.

This reminds me of one of the BO lies. Remember the Bull about how the BO regime has deported more illegals than any before. The fact is that they counted everyone that was turned away at the border as deported on top of the very few they actually deported. 

At any rate, the Trump administration will be the cure for many of our ills if only they let him. Oh yeah, any of you “entertainers” that said they are leaving I have one question. Why are you still here?

Republicans spends hundreds of dollars and hours of work decorating the yard with outdoor lights and Christmas displays.

Democrats save their time and money, and drive around at night to look at *other* people’s lights.

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