The corruption of Washington.

October 2015
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Corruption and Incompetence
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:08 pm



We have the most corrupt, incompetent and non-responsive government we have ever had.  This all stems from the Islamist-in-chief, BO. The latest example is the BO Justice Department which has not acted as a law enforcement entity since BO took office.  Rather, the department has been tasked with the protection of BO and his cronies.  Their other main task is to harass and persecute those who are not BO believers.  Case in point: The Gibson guitar wood confiscation.  The latest is their refusal to actually do anything to Hillary Clinton for the stack of felonies perpetrated by her or at her behest. Not just the illegal email situation but with regard to her part in the Benghazi massacre and subsequent cover-up.  That was actually two things, Justice Department and Killary.

Next up is the Cronyism between the BO administration and “businesses” like Solyndra.  These endeavors are schemes to defraud the US, and I do mean us, out of billions and billions of dollars.  How about GE getting away with paying almost nothing in taxes in exchange for huge contributions to BO.  It is truly banana republic stuff.

The Iran deal has been decried as the worst possible thing we could have ever done to the world by republicrats and demoncRATs alike.  There is a reason I call BO the Islamist-In-Chief.  This deal does nothing for the US or for the rest of the world for that matter.  As things stood before the “deal” (How can you call an arrangement where you lose everything and gain nothing a deal?) Iran was forbidden to have nukes.  Now they are guaranteed one sooner rather than later. I wish I could say this happened because BO and John Kerry are incompetent buffoons but isn’t the case.  John Kerry is nothing more than a puppet with BO’s hand up his ass making his mouth move. BO is favoring Islam over any and all other religions.  His justice department persecutes Christians for standing for their religious beliefs, from not baking cakes to refusing to fund abortions. I think BO is committed to the destruction of Israel. 

Now he is going to push an executive order calling for gun control, or worse, confiscation.  There are people who think this is a good thing.  Uninformed idiots!  They did this in NAZI Germany too.  Disarm the population and you have a flock of compliant sheep.

Obamacare, The Affordable Health Care Program, what a joke.  There are reports of peoples’ deductibles and premiums increasing by 100% or more!  Not even thinking about those who are now out because of not being able to afford their new “affordable” insurance!  The BO administration had to perform tricks and deceptions to get the POS through Congress. (This was before he realized he didn’t have to get their permission.) By the way, the NAZIs nationalized healthcare as well.  They understood that if you control a person’s access to healthcare, you control his or her whole life.

Finally, there is the illegal immigration situation. Aside from the fact the government is flat-out lying about the unemployment rate. It is most likely closer to 9 to 12 percent. not the 5 or 6 they claim. How bad to we need ten to twenty million unskilled, illiterate foreigners that don’t speak, read or write English? Not only that, they don’t care to…. and nobody in the government gives a crap if they do. They are taking many of the no to low skill jobs out there.

There is a plan behind this invasion. BO and his minions are fighting tooth and nail any voter-id law in order to make voter fraud easier. the more sinister plot involves the electoral college. The way the law is written; how many votes a state get is dependent on the number of representatives a state has in the US House of Representatives. That is determined by the number of people that reside in that state. NOT the number of people that legally reside in that state or are citizens. So if you increase the number of people in a state that will vote demoncRAT that state will get more votes in the electoral college! The other half of the equation is that many, if not most, of these illegal aliens will need assistance from the government which the demoncRATs promise and provide. If they ever do become eligible to vote legally 90% of them will vote demoncRAT. The fastest growing religion in the United States is Muslim. We are importing thousands of islamists each month. We now have some cities that practice sharia law against the constitution! That is truly a WTF situation.

If the Demoncrats get to elect the next President, Biden, Clinton or Sanders we will be truly be screwed.  We can disband the Republican party because another one won’t ever get elected.  

A state trooper clocks a guy over 10 miles over the limit.  He gives chase but the guy doesn’t  pull over.  The trooper finally catches the driver and takes his license and registration to check it.  He returns to the vehicle and tells the driver that he checked his license, registration and insurance and that the guy has a spotless record. 

Since it’s time for the shift change the trooper says to the guy, “Since you have such a good record, if you can give me a good reason for speeding I’ll let you off with a warning.” 

The driver replies, “Last year my wife ran off with a state trooper and I thought you were bringing her back.”  The trooper let him go on his way!

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