The corruption of Washington.

June 2015
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Will They ever learn?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:04 pm

The demoncRAT party and more and more of the RINO republicrats have turned full Socialist/communist and are moving ever forward toward 90% plus income tax rates for the “rich”, taxing air and anything else we need.  Take a look at federal laws and regulations.  There are over 5000 federal laws and up to 30,000 regulations.  This doesn’t count State and local laws and regulations! These are just the ones that can be criminalized. (You can go to jail.) These laws and regulations cost businesses and citizens hundreds of billions of dollars per year.  Look at any ladder you buy at the hardware store. Look at the tags and stickers on them.  Some are to avoid lawsuits by people for doing stupid things with their ladders (That’s a whole other rant.) and changes to the ladders and other regs are to comply with state and federal regulations.  The same is true for just about any product you buy. Well those stickers and changes to the products to comply with the regulations and laws cost those businesses hundreds of billions of dollars.  They also cost the consumer.  The Rand Paul philosophy is to do away with all the regs.  I believe there is a balance. Problem is finding it! Here’s a little writeup on the increase of federal regulations. 

The problem is that politicians (of both parties) are aware that the more they can grow the government, the more power they wield and the more money they can garner from those who benefit from the rules or those who don’t.  Many of them go to Washington with the best intentions, if not the right methods.  After a while if they fight the establishment they find that they don’t get the plum committee assignments.  So they relax a principle here drop an ideal there.  Pretty soon they are one of the people they vowed to fight.  The temptations are too great.  I think if I was a congressman I could succumb to some of it.  Look at scumbags like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  I’m sure at one time they had principles… Nah, never mind.  The cure here is term limits.  


Anyway, I got a little waylaid.  The Socialist/communist model has been tried over and over again with the same results.  FAILURE!  It was tried here at the founding of our country.  The first pilgrims decided that everyone would share equally even if you didn’t contribute.  Well it didn’t take long for two things to happen: 1) Some people stopped working or stopped working as hard.  2) Those who continued to produce got angry and refused to share.  Socialism  ended pretty quickly after that. Ever since then, until recently, The United States was the most prosperous country on the planet.  

Today, people above what we call the poverty line in this country are more wealthy than 80% of the rest of the worlds population.  Some countries have settled on and for a socialist/democratic form of government.  They are allowed to feel they are in charge but the truth is, they aren’t.  Most of them define law as “you can do what the law says you can do, if it isn’t defined you can’t do it”.  The US form of government is that if the law says you can’t do something then you can’t. For the most part if what you do doesn’t hurt someone else and isn’t already defined as illegal by law, then you can do it!  See the difference? More and more politicians are trying to turn this around.  

They want to be rulers not servants.

Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are walking down the street one day and they see a sign advertising a beauty contest.  Snow White says, ‘I got this one in the bag!’  She goes in the bar and comes out twenty minutes with a big grin on her face and a trophy. ‘I won!’, she exclaims. 

Soon they see another bar advertising for the strongest man competition.

Superman says, ‘I almost feel bad but I think I’ll enter the contest.’

Half an hour later he comes out with a trophy and says, ‘Was there ever any doubt?’

As luck would have it a few doors down there was a best liar contest.  Pinocchio says, ‘You know who’s going to win this one!’

Forty-five minutes later Pinocchio comes out with tears running down his little wooden face, blubbering,

‘Who the hell is Hillary Clinton?’ 

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