The corruption of Washington.

May 2015
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 7:17 pm

 I’m not sure which emotion I feel the most.  There’s fear. Fear of what the demoncrats are making of this country. There’s disappointment.  Dissapointment at what the Republican party leadership is not doing about it. Disbelief. Disbelief at what the schools have become. College graduates having to go to remedial reading classes. Anger. Anger at how little people seem to care that the United States is a laughingstock around the world.  Disgust. Disgust at what passes for a news media.  I have all of these feelings put together thinking of what hell awaits my grandchildren if things don’t radically change.

The demoncrats, led by BO, are methodically tearing the Constitution to shreds.  From amnesty for millions of illegal aliens to a “health care” plan that promises to bankrupt the country.  so many times the demoncrats have promised one thing and either haven’t delivered or delivered something completely different.  The BO (in)justice department has released criminals and terrorists across the country, all the while persecuting law enforcement officers.  I could go on.  These things and more instill fear in me.

I couldn’t be more disappointed in the republican party if I tried. The RINO leadership in Congress is conspiring with BO behind closed doors to take away (more of) our liberties.  Boehner talks tough then cries like a little girl and lets the left do what ever they want. I thought we had a majority.  My latest theory is that McConnell was raised and schooled to be an undercover agent for the demoncrats.  He is now coming into his own!   We need desperately to replace these drones and demoncrat lite politicians with true Constitution supporting conservatives.

When I say I can’t believe what our school systems have become, it’s an understatement.  Some of these wonder kids wonder why they can’t get a job. “I got a master’s degree in Intermediate Lesbian Basket Weaving! Why won’t anyone hire me?”  You can see dozens of man-on-the-street interviews where someone asks people from high school age to college graduates some rudimentary questions on different subjects.   I couldn’t believe the things they did not know. Some examples of the questions are: 1) Who is the Vice President? 2) What is the capital of (Insert the state they live in)? 3)Who was president before BO? 4) What elements are in water?  I actually heard one high school senior ask,”What’s an element?”  5) Name two countries in (Asia or Europe or South America). So you see the level of education these kids got  and it won’t get any better as long as teachers’ unions have control of the schools. Let’s hire a teacher because they know what they’re doing, not because they are ideologues.

I really get angry at the attitude of people who say, “It’s not my problem.” or “someone will fix it.” or “I don’t care about politics but I think Obama is cool.”  BO got elected TWICE because of the uninformed people that thought it was more important to have a black president than to know what he stands for.  I’ve heard some people express buyer’s remorse for voting for him.  Trouble is you can’t turn him in for a new one.  Even if you could, you would end up with the puppet Biden.  We try to tell them that our enemies think we are weak and they laugh at us. We tell them that our friends around the world don’t think they can trust us.  They say, so what the enemies can’t hurt us and our friends probably aren,t really our friends.  It isn’t grade school and the bully isn’t going to give you a Melvin or push you down in the mud. They are out to destroy the country and those friends aren’t going to help.

All in all I think the country is being destroyed.  Not by ISIS or Iran but by ourselves.  If we don’t correct the course soon our kids and grandkids have a long hard road ahead.  I think it was John Adams that said, Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  We have lost most morality and the left is working it’s hardest to kill religion.

Maybe 2016 will bring some relief from the constant onslaught of the left.

A middle aged woman was teeing off for a round of golf when she toppled over after swinging too hard.

The foursome waiting on the tee happened to include President ObamReacting quickly, Obama adroitly ran to the woman and helped her up.

She thanked him and began to re-tee her ball, when Obama said, “By the way, I’m Barack

Obama and I sure hope you voted for me.”

She smiled and replied, “I fell on my butt, not on my head.”


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