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April 2014
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Republicrats are stupid!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:20 pm

C’mon, how stupid can the Republican establishment be? There’s a push on by some rich donors to get Jeb Bush to run for president. Don’t these guys ever learn? Another centrist, unprincipled milquetoast RINO? REALLY?? Why don’t they see if they can get McCain to run with him? Or maybe Bob Dole. Yeah, that’s it!

But forget about that for a few minutes. Right now we have a mid-term election to concern ourselves with. If we can wrest control of the Senate from the DemocRATs and control of the House from the RINOs we have a chance to straighten things out. John ‘No Balls’ Boehner and the rest rest of the entrenched regulars are helping the liberals destroy the country piece by piece. Mitch ‘where am I?’ McConnell on the Senate side is another waste of skin. Instead of fighting the democRAT majority he lays down and becomes Harry ‘F$%k you’ Reid’s bitch.

This is where the bunch of them belong!

He and the other RINOs actually tried to destroy Ted Cruz and Mike Lee when they tried to stand up to the Socialists. McConnell and Boehner must at least lose their leaderships, if not their seats in Congress.

If Obama his way with the country for the next three years we might not be able to recover. Putin and the leaders of Europe are all laughing their asses off at the USA and Obama in particular. Never have we had such an ideologue in office. He has infiltrated the entire executive branch with socialists, marxists and Communists.

The Republicrats are so fearful of alienating potential voters that they won’t hold BO in check. In check?!? They should be impeaching him. Seriously I have, and many others have documented at least a handful of impeachable infractions. Look at my rants. There’s information in dozens of web pages with documentation of his unconstitutional offenses. Where the hell are the Republicans? If a Republican ever did half of what this ass-clown has done, he would be in jail, let alone impeached. 

And how about his minions? Kathleen Sibelius couldn’t be a more corrupt pig if she tried. The (un)affordable Healthcare Act, better known as that worthless, socialist POS, is a monument to corruption. Yet, in the face of failure after failure, this incompetent buffoon goes around telling everyone how great it is! Lois Learner pled the 5th amendment twice because even the deceitful politicians would have to jail her bony ass for election tampering and misuse of government resources if she told the truth. Will anything happen to her? Not a chance. After all, she’s a democRAT. 

The most corrupt ass-bag of the bunch, aside from Obama, is Eric ‘The Red’ Holder’. This guy has never met a leftist cause he wouldn’t break the law for. Working for a law firm that defends Muslim terrorists, the New black Panthers in Philadelphia, Fast And Furious, No prosecutor for the IRS and EPA scandals are just a few examples of how crooked he is. 

When it was recently reported in the news that the President had been accidentally locked out of the White House, a reporter asked him in an interview what he was thinking at that moment. He replied, “I thought damn, they finally found my birth certificate.





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