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October 2013
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Disappointed and screwed
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 4:45 pm

The depth of my disappointment can’t be measured. Not so much in a Republican - democrat way but in another hole in the constitution way.  BO and his minions have shot yet another hole in it.  By threatening that he wouldn’t do his constitutional duty of paying our debt, he forced the Republicans to end the government slowdown and raise the debt limit and fund another continuing resolution and buy new shoes for Moochele and pretty much anything else BO wants to do.  It reminds me of the end of the Viet Nam war.  Most military analysts will tell you the US was on the verge of complete victory when, under pressure from the democrats and unending lies from the media, Richard Nixon ill-advisedly decided to Vietnamize the war. Then the North promptly beat the crap out of the South. “Peace with honor” my ass! Ted Cruz was leading the fight against out of  control spending. The RINO leadership surrendered a war they were winning.

They may not realize it but in the process RINOs abdicated the one power they had to try to control government spending.  The RINO leadership of  the House, John, “no balls”‘, Boehner and Erik, “no we can’t” Cantor allowed BO dictate what money would be spent and how.  The house. Republicans have rendered themselves less relevant than The Real Housewives of Bumf%%k  Idaho.  (My apologies to the housewives of bumf%%k Idaho.)  Anytime BO wants an increase in the debt limit, which will probably be every two days now that he knows how easy it is to get over on the RINOs all he has to do is threaten that the US will default on its debts.

The senate is no better.  There is no longer a two party system, it’s just the democrats and the republicrats.  It’s kind of like the senate at the fall of Rome. They don’t debate the merits and the constitutionality of laws and reguations but rather try to decide what color to paint the vomitorium walls or if the age of consent for their pages should be six or the more ‘conservative’  nine years of age and is it possible to tax the people 110%?

Barring a miracle in 2014 where we elect some REAL conservatives to the House of Representatives AND win the Senate AND  dump people like No Balls Boehner, McConnell, Lindsay and McCain, we are doomed to a Euro-Socialist type of country or worse.  They are going to try for amnesty for the illegal aliens. If they get that then the Republican Party is done forever.  You can bet his ball carrier, Valerie Jarrett and his pimp Holder are vying to try for repeal of the 22nd amendment. (You liberals can look it up.).

The list of impeachable offenses grows longer and longer, while BO wipes his ass with the Constitution yet the House does nothing.  Boehner has to go.

Went out to dinner with my wife.
I said, “Looks delicious. Let’s eat!”
She said, “Don’t you usually pray before a meal at home?”
I said, “yes, but the chef  here can cook.”
The doctor says that I should be able to open the eye in a couple of days.

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