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June 2013
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Amnesty will kill the Republic.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:43 pm

The Gang Of Eight, as they are infectionately known, are trying to put yet another nail in the coffin of the Republic. I don’t say this lightly. They have given birth to a twelve hundred page act of treason. If passed, the country will spiral into debt faster than it already is and turn into a banana republic. Let’s go over a few facts:


1) No matter what the D.P.D. (DemocRAT Propaganda Department) says, there is STILL no requirement to secure the border. This is even with the Hoeven-Corker amendment. This amendment was concocted simply to try to garner Republican votes.

2) Beside the 11 to 20 million illegal aliens it is set to legalize, due to chain migration, another 20 to 30 million will be allowed to enter the country.

3) The majority of those here and those who will enter almost all are no-to-low skilled. The majority will have no means of support.

4) The bill as constructed violates the 5th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution. All of these have to do with creating a sub-class of citizen. This because they will not be able to claim any benefits. If the bill passes, within moments, multiple lawsuits will be filled stating how unfair it is to have second class citizens that don’t have access to health-care, food stamps, unemployment compensation, social security and voting rights. Of course, because the little darlings are here already, the courts will have no alternative but to make them full-blown citizens.

5) The government claims the amnesty increases revenue because of taxes collected. The truth is that most, if not all, of the illegal aliens will not be paying taxes. The Heritage Foundation has done a study showing the cost will actually be around 6.3 TRILLION dollars.

6) The real kicker is that the amnesty program will only reduce illegal immigration by 25% according to the Congressional Budget Office.

7) The D.P.D. claims the Latino community supports this bill. NOT TRUE. A majority of the Latino population oppose this POS bill.


Ask yourself what they have hidden in this 1200 page pile of emu excrement. Remember all the stuff in Obamacare that nobody knew about until the bill was rammed down our throats. (Obamacare has never had the support of the citizens of this country!)

Why not create a bill that says secure the border? The conformation of the security will be up to the governors of the Border States. Once this task is complete pass another bill. This one says that no non-citizen can have access to Federal benefits. One more after that says ALL employers must verify the citizenship or eligibility to work of EVERY employee. Once this system is in place pass another bill dealing with those illegal aliens that are here. None of this is discriminatory. We are one of the only countries on the planet that isn’t securing its borders.

If the other states would take the lead of Missouri we wouldn’t have much of a problem to begin with. Missouri will not issue Missouri driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and imposes criminal penalties to those who assist illegal immigrants in obtaining driver’s licenses. Among other provisions, the legislation also requires verification of legal employment status of every public employee; allows for cancellation of state contracts for contractors if they hire illegal immigrants; and enacts provisions to punish bad acting employers who hire illegal immigrants. The state also refuses any state benefits to illegal aliens. There are very few illegal aliens in Missouri.

Maybe the “show Me” state is showing us the way to go

Larry took his five year old son a local restaurant for lunch and being a five year old little Wilberforce was hyperactive and running all over the place. Larry grabbed a piece of paper, a pen and went into his pocket and found three nickels. He gave it all to little Wilberforce and told him to sit and draw. Everything went fine until Larry noticed the tyke choking. Larry also noticed the nickels were gone and he figured Wilberforce swallowed the coins. He grabbed the boy and did the Heimlich maneuver and sure enough two of the nickels popped out of Wilberforce’s mouth. Trouble was there was another nickel and the boy was still choking and turning blue.

A nice looking woman in a business suit seated at the bar reading her paper noticed, got up and came over to the boy. She calmly undid his pants, dropped his drawers and grabbed Wilberforce’s testicles and started squeezing, gently at first, then tighter and tighter. Finally the boy convulsed and coughed up the last nickel. She went back to the bar and picked up her paper.

After assuring himself his son was alright Larry approached the lady and asked if she was a doctor. She replied, “no sir, I’m from the IRS.”










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