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May 2013
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Some things that irk me!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:02 pm

I know, not many people care what bothers me. They don’t give a rat’s rump what gets under my skin. I am only writing this because maybe one person will see one of these things and either start or stop doing whatever it is depending on the situation. I was going to try to classify them into some order but then I decided to do what I usually do.. Start typing and see where it leads me. Well there might be some order but not a lot. By the way, these are in no order of importance whatsoever. So the thing that gets under my skin the most might end up being last. Yeah, and Rachel Madcow is sane and Chris Mathews is sober.

I spend a lot of my day driving on side roads and interstates so it looks like a good place to start. First of all there are the people that cut from one lane of traffic to another with no signal and usually with barely enough room for their car. It’s more than annoying, it’s downright dangerous. Their time in hell can’t come soon enough and if they keep it up, it’ll come sooner than they expect. Then you have the dunce who cruises along in the left lane of I-95 at about 40 miles per hour during rush hour. I live in a tourist destination in the winter and usually this person has gray or blue hair and can’t quite reach the pedals or see over the dash board. First of all, why can’t they wait to get going until after 9:00 AM? This is also most commonly the person that exits from that same left lane, cutting across three lanes of traffic and causing untold accidents, they are totally unaware of, in their wake. (No *(&^%$^&* turn signal either!) Then you have those who think the world is their own personal trash can. Chip bags, soda cans, cigarette butts and cups. It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen people throw those Styrofoam food containers, usually half full, onto the roadway. Disgusting! I quit smoking several years ago and smokers are starting to bother me. No, I don’t mind the smoking itself. The biggest problem I have are those that throw their butts out on the highway. They don’t want to dirty the car’s ashtray or make the car smell so they throw the butts out the window. Yep, that one just hit my windshield!

O.K., enough of that. Let’s move on to something lighter. Politics. I have said many times in these rants that ALL politicians lie. The corollary is; A politician that doesn’t lie, never held office. I don’t care what party they are from. DemocRAT, Republician, Tory, Independent Whig or The First Church of The Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship. (Thank you, Don Imus) They ALL lie. Some are better at it than others. BO is a good example until lately. Some of his best tall tales are unraveling.  Obamacare is the biggest one unless you count the whole born in Kenya thing. Click here for a good web page with a partial accounting of his lies. It is expected of every politician to be a consummate liar. Some of the old lines are, “How can you tell a politician is lying? – His lips are moving.” Two politicians are walking down the street and they spot a lovely woman. The Republican says, “Boy I’d love to screw her!” “Out of what?” asks the DemocRAT. And finally one I can’t give proper attribution to. I’ve seen Larry Hardiman, Robin Williams and others. I just don’t know for sure. “Politics is a noun from the Latin poly for many and tics as in blood sucking insects.” As a rule, and there are always exceptions to every rule, politicians should be beneath your contempt. The Benghazi cover-up is a good example of many politicians lying and obfuscating. There were a dozen or so revisions of the talking points that Susan Rice was sent out to spew. The hearings are slowly but surely bringing out the truth. Greg Hicks, the highest ranking State Department person in Libya after Stevens was killed was called a partisan liar by the DPD. Perhaps they forgot that he is a staunch DemocRAT that voted for Killary in the primary then voted for BO twice. The regime tried to say they wanted to rid the talking points of any classified information, and then they were forced to change them because of the republicans. All this had nothing to do with Killary or BO. Oops, an email is uncovered where a high level Clinton advisor was the driving force behind the revisions. I’m sure the advisor did it all of the on her own and Killary had nothing to do with it. Yeah, and Piers Morgan isn’t gay! No really, he isn’t, really.

Last but not least is the DPD (Democrat Propaganda Department, formerly known as the MMM - Malignant, Mendacious Media, formerly known as the MSM.) Years ago, the media could be counted on to report a story. They would color it to their own leaning, generally leftist. But at least they reported the story. I’ve heard some in the “press” say there is no comparison between Watergate and Benghazi because Watergate involved misbehavior by the president while Benghazi was just a protest about a video. Yeah, and Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel are as honest as the day is long. The media malpractice should be against the law. It’s amazing that they keep getting stories wrong or don’t report the real story or get caught in lie after lie. They still prance around thinking they are the best thing since aftershave. The actual reporters, not Mathews, Madcow, Too Much Candy Crowley or many of the others must have to take massive amounts of antacids and sleeping pills to get to sleep. I don’t really believe that, although Bob Schieffer is starting to show signs of a conscience.

Maybe next time I’ll let you know how I feel about arrogant people. Just to give you a feel…. The difference between arrogance and confidence is that a confident person does something well and knows it. An arrogant person does little or nothing well and doesn’t know it.

A blonde is walking in the woods and comes to a stream. She goes up and down the stream but can’t find a place to cross. She spots a blonde across the stream and hollers, ” Do you know how I can get to the other side?” The second blonde responds, “What do you mean you are already over there!”

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