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April 2013
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It will happen someday
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:12 pm


Someday a right-wing nut bag will shoot someone or blow something up then the DPD (Democrat Propaganda Department, formerly known as the MMM (Malignant Mendacious Media, formerly known as the MSM)) can cheer and do their little end-zone dance.  All of these guys are crying in their beer today. After trying to blame the Boston Marathon bombings on tax day protesters, right wing extremists, Tea Party patriots, the sequester, Sarah Palin and all things conservative they find that the bombers were a couple of Islamic terrorist brothers. They have been tip-toeing around calling them the ‘alleged’ suspects and trying to claim that they might not have had anything to do with it. (Let’s ignore the video evidence, the physical evidence and the fact one of the terrorists had a YouTube account full of terrorist bombing hints and tips.) CNN (Communist News Network) and MSNBC (Known as the home of the libation loving leprechaun, Chris Mathews (By the way, I am so ashamed that he is from Philadelphia.)) made so many bad guesses following the explosions they made the three stooges look like geniuses. (Not comedic geniuses, but rocket science geniuses)

The DPD on the whole have been twisting themselves into pretzels trying to lift BO and the regime and crush conservatives that they have become irrelevant. Does anyone think that Anderson Cooper is anything but a joke? Would you take any kind of advice from Piers Morgan? Can you possibly believe anything about politics from the New York Times or the Washington Post? It used to be that journalists and reporters tried to bring the news to the public. They had some integrity in that they actually tried to bring FACTS out. They might have slanted the news a little but they didn’t lie and cover up news. They didn’t try to expose information that would hinder investigations or withhold information they knew would have the same result. Today the vermin in the DPD think nothing of covering up lies the regime tells (See some of my previous rants for examples.) They wouldn’t hesitate to ‘color’ the facts of a story in order to paint a conservative in a bad light.

I don’t know how it got this way, other than the fact they have brainwashed in the liberal institutions where professors think nothing of having students stomp on Jesus and schools that don’t have American History requirements, even of history students! I do believe that at some point the weight of their lies will crush them. They will weave one tale too many where the truth will far out shadow the lie.

So until the day a right-wing zealot (defined as anyone that doesn’t have an Obama sticker on his car) you guys will just have to keep making stuff up!

Three blondes were walking through the forest when they came upon a set of tracks.
The first blonde said, “Those are deer tracks.”
The second blonde said, “No, those are elk tracks.”
The third blonde said, “You’re both wrong, those are moose tracks.”
The blondes were still arguing when the train hit them.

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