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February 2013
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The MMM is more pathetic every day
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 4:15 pm

Ok, ok, I know I harp on the MMM. (Malignant, Mendacious Media) For good reason! They are doing everything they can to aid and albeit the treasoner in chief, BO. (I have resorted to calling him BO because he is not worth the use of any more letters than that. ) BO has lied to the American people and to congress time and again. He has committed crimes and has skirted the constitution many times. (see my many rants that detail many of the lies and transgressions of the BO regime.)

The MMM has covered for BO by either not reporting on lies and transgressions, reporting on things that never happened, and just plain making stuff up. Ask yourself if an ambassador and three other people died under the same circumstances as Benghazi and there was a Republican in office, would it be such a non-story? When a Republican congressman is involved in a scandal of any type, it is in the news cycle for days or weeks. When a democRAT is involved in a scandal, the press tries first to ignore it. Then they try to make excuses, then finally blame it on someone else. (everybody screws underage hookers in the Dominican Republic, no big deal!)

One of the most popular techniques the MMM uses to assist BO is the wall to wall smear of anyone who might be a threat. Romney is a felon, he doesn’t care about people, he watched with glee as a woman lost her healthcare and her life. All of these were lies perpetrated by the media. Now they have started with Marco Rubio. MSNBC and CNN ran a clip of Rubio pausing for a drink of water during the State Of The Union rebuttal, not once, not twice but, and I an not kidding, almost 200 times! See Wolf Blitzer actually said it could be a career ender for Rubio! Watch for the full court press against Rubio and anyone else that might be a good candidate for 2016.

It is, or at least should be, obvious to anyone with one half a brain that the MMM is not interested in reporting news anymore, only propaganda. They wonder why they are bleeding readers and viewers.

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