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December 2012
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Sometimes you need more than 140 characters.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:46 pm

OK, sometimes it takes more than 140 characters to get your point across. This is one of those times. I need someone to explain to me how a debt limit debate can be so misconstrued and the Republican point of view so misstated. To start with there is nobody in the media, Fox included, has explained what the argument really is. “The fiscal cliff!” is the first part of a pile of doggie doo trap that the Republicans fell into during the last debt ceiling negotiation. Rather than actually fight for their principles they agreed to, as they say, kick the can down the road. Here we are further on down the road. (Apologies to Joe Medwick)

I don’t know if the Republicans were blindly optimistic or just plain stupid. Optimistic, thinking BO would be out of office or just plain stupid. In essence, they agreed that if they couldn’t agree to a new debt ceiling raise this month then a bunch of bad things would happen. Two that I can think of off the top of my head are: 1-The tax rates would be increased to pre Bush rates, 2- There would be about 500 billion dollar cut to the military. There are more things but these are a couple of the biggest.

We have a handicap in the negotiation called John Boehner. Wait, before I deal with cry baby Johnny lets talk about the whole scene the Demoncrats have so masterfully set. If the GOP votes not to raise the ceiling, then spending must be stopped or cut enough to keep from borrowing any more money. What I just said is very important. I didn’t say the government will shut down or grandma won’t get her Social Security check and so on. The Demoncrats have lied profusely about what will happen if we don’t raise the limit. Pick up any POS newspaper and they will mischaracterize the facts. Watch any MSM TV ‘news’ show and you will hear how the GOP only cares about saving tax cuts for the rich. You know that has to be a load of cockatoo crap. If they hold to their principles taxes will go up for everyone. Oh, sorry too late. (ObamaCare)  Some of them are following Boner’s lead and offering 800 billion in tax increases and reduction of deductions. WTF? After all that’s what BO said would do it…. Right up to the point he said, no I need 1.6 trillion. (In case you are not following, BO doesn’t want a deal!) After all, with no deal he will get what he wants. (Reduced military, higher taxes, and best of all, he and the MMM can make the Republicans look like turds.)

  The BO regime is trying to make whatever happens be the Republicans fault and BO the hero. If we don’t pass the raise then taxes will rise for everyone and of course the Republicans will be the cause. Later BO will restore the previous rates for the lower tax brackets to their current rate and call it a tax cut! Once again, WTF?? If we pass the Debt ceiling raise, then the MMM (Malignant, Mendacious Media) will trumpet the heroic actions of BO for saving the government from shutting down. (Which it would not actually do!) (Can you remember 1995?)

The truth is that we have a spending problem. We are spending more and more. (about 11 billion a day and rising) Some people say that we spend too much on the military. Hmmm, ever see the play Pippin? Pippin is a prince whose father dies. He decides to do all the things liberals say are needed. Free housing, no army, free healthcare, no taxes for the masses, etc. etc.. Not hard to figure the country goes broke, gets invaded by other countries and generally turns to caca. Luckily his father comes back from the dead and saves the day. How much do we cut defense? First of all defense is about 18% of our budget while entitlements take up over 60%. Hmmm, so exactly what needs fixing?
SO yeah, I guess I need another 140,000 characters to understand how BO ends up being the good guy!

I was in New Orleans about 40 years ago and saw a sign advertising Antonio the Amazing Italian. I assumed it was a magic show so I went. The announcer introduced Antonio and he came on stage wearing a bathrobe accompanied by a pretty young assistant pushing a small table with 3 walnuts on it.
He proceeded to open his robe and there was the largest example of manhood I’ve ever heard of! He then proceeded to hit the walnuts with his manhood and crushed them to pieces. Then he walked off stage and that was that.
35 years later I’m in Pittsburg and there was a brochure advertising Antonio the Amazing Italian. I told my friends about what I had seen some 35 years earlier and they all wanted to go see Antonio.
We went and sure enough he is announced and here he is with his assistant and her table. Except this time there are three coconuts on the table. He does the same thing. Bang, bang, bang he crushes the coconuts.
I made my way back stage and asked him why he changed to coconuts.
Antonio replied, well you know as I get older my eyesight isn’t so good

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