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July 2012
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Focus people, FOCUS!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:42 pm

I write these things off the cuff so sometimes I ramble, misspell and make other mistakes but this rant is pretty focused. 

If you look in the dictionary under spineless little weasles you will find a picture of John Roberts.  One of the reasons the justices are appointed for life is so they will not be influenced by the media or by politicians. (or by pictures of him naked with a water buffalo) There are rumors out there (according to one reporter who says she has sources) that he was afraid of what ‘history’ would say about ‘his’ court and so he folded to pressure from the media and the corrupt BO regime.  First of all, a rumor says that the court had an initial vote in March where Roberts voted against the mandate and was for killing the whole bill.  The second half of that rumor is where the system failed.  Someone, it is said, leaked this information to BO and his minions.  This is illegal and unethical. But unethical is the liberals’ stock and trade.  Sorry, I digress.

The media and the BO regime mounted an all-out media blitz against the court and Roberts specifically.  They said, “If the court strikes the (lack of) healthcare bill or the mandate then it was just 5 old white guys taking your ‘free’ healthcare away and that thousands, no, tens of thousands of children would die in the streets.  Old people would be kicked out of hospitals. They said the court is ‘out of touch’ with the American people. They said that the Republicans on the court just don’t care about you.

The tax/mandate argument is a red herring.  What is the difference?  Either way, we are stuck with this pig of a law and Roberts has given the government a free ride to tax anything, including nothing.  They can tax you if you do.. NOTHING!  They can tax you if you are left-handed.  (Or if you eat garlic, don’t eat broccoli, are Jewish….) In other words, they now have, because of this incompetent, spineless, deceitful baboon, unlimited taxing authority. 

I would call for his resignation but BO would only appoint someone worse.  I wonder if we could get him to resign - effective January 21st, 2013?  Your job is to support real Conservatives for every political office you can vote for.  It will be the last chance we get. 

Two Democrat politicians, Harry and Barney were walking down the street when they saw a beautiful woman jogging down the street.
Harry says, “I’d like to screw her.”
Barney asks, “Yeah, out of what?”

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