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June 2012
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Vote, Si!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:59 pm

For many years, the liberal progressives have been trying to incorporate illegal aliens into their coalition of victim groups. Oh, sorry I mean constituent blocks.  The truth is that 75% of Americans see any amnesty program for what it would be.  A ploy to add (illegal) votes to the Democrat ledger.  BO announced he would not deport (unconstitutionally) close to a million illegals and he would (again, unconstitutionally and illegally) issue them work permits. (This, of course would have a path to citizenship.) Aside from the potential voting hazards, there is the problem of taking jobs away from unemployed Americans.  (Don’t even try to give me the, “jobs Americans won’t do” B-S, illegals are doing a larger and larger percentage of construction and other skilled jobs today. Unscrupulous contractors pay them half what Americans would make.

I characterized BO’s actions a certain way and it may seem a bit cynical, however…  We have his POS (see urban dictionary under POS - definition #1) Attorney General, Eric ‘the red’ Holder who is suing Florida for trying to purge illegal voters from their rolls.  The liars, I mean lawyers at the DOJ are also suing Utah, Texas, Arizona and Alabama over their immigration laws. There might be a few I missed.  The point is that BO is doing all he can do to corrupt the voting system in the United States in order to maintain power.  Is it any wonder that the last three governors of Illinois are in prison for corruption?

Please write, call, visit and otherwise hector, bother, pester, bug, poke, tweet and annoy your representatives to stop this nonsense.  The House has passed an amendment to the appropriations bill that will stop the DOJ from suing states.  Please contact your Senators and beg, wheedle cajole and let them know the only way they will get your vote is if they start doing the will of the people.  Thirty-three of these vermin are up for reelection this year and 21 of them are Demoncrats.  There are 2 Independents, one Socialist and one former democrat with a small ‘d’.  That leaves 10 Republicans. (mostly)  A few of these have to go as well. Olympia Snow is only a Republican because she was too far left to be a Democrat.  Lugar is gone, and hopefully Hatch will be too. All of this is with a fervent hope they will be replaced by true conservatives. (All 33 of them!)

No matter what, it will take a few election cycles to weed out the leftists from our government and undo the damage Jug Ears and his minions have done.  If we don’t start now, we may end up being Lithuania or worse yet, France.

John Kennedy, Richard Daley and Ronald Regan get stranded on a one-person life raft.  It is obvious that unless two jump off they will all perish so they have a secret vote to see who would stay.  When the votes were counted there was 1 vote for Kennedy, one vote for Reagan and 5,274 votes for Daley. That’s how Chicago politics works.




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