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April 2012
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Where Have All My Minions Gone?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 4:05 pm

BO and his crew are starting to look a little ragged.  BO goes on all the comedy shows trying to connect with the young crowd.  I say connect and not reconnect because he never really connected.  The truth is that many young people voted for him because they were told it was cool to do so. They actually believed some of the BS BO’s propaganda machine (The MMM (Malignant Mendacious Media) was spouting.  Now many of them are finding that ‘Hope and Change’ was no more than a campaign slogan. ‘Yes We Can’ turned out to be ‘No You Can’t’.  When he was in the Senate he and his majority passed the bill that would double the interest on some student loans while the Republicans were against it.  Now that it’s about to happen, guess who is trying to blame the GOP!

Half of the college graduates are finding that they can’t get jobs that require that sought-after degree.  Worse yet is the fact that many of these people who were encouraged by their teachers and professors to get degrees in the humanities or (pick your victim group) Sudies will never find a job outside of academia.  Of course these degrees are mostly useful for lighting small bon-fires or cleaning dog feces from your shoe sole. Engineering and science degrees are in demand by employers because the people who earn these degrees can actually do something useful!

BO is also losing some of the coveted independents as well.  All of the, “I won’t be president of blue states or red states, but the president of the United States.” is a little laughable when you and your employees spend most of their time smearing, demeaning and insulting large swaths of the American populace. Some of them actually work for the industries you are trying to crush. It also seems those independents don’t like being called dull.

Even some of the Obama-zombies are leaving the reservation.  They see that most of the promises that BO made were only made to fool them and get their vote.  A lot of them are discovering that it isn’t really possible to provide more healthcare to more people AND hire 16,000 IRS agents and create countless departments and lower the cost.  As a matter of fact they are finding out that it will be just the opposite.  It will cost more, less people will be covered, the cost will rise, there will be larger and larger government agencies and old people actually will be pushed over the cliff.  It won’t be Paul Ryan pushing them it will be Cathy Supercilious.

He is losing some of  his union support because it is difficult to curry favor with them while killing thousands of union jobs to satisfy the environmentalists.  People realize that you do need nuclear plants, coal and oil until you can produce other forms of energy efficiently and economically.

Last but not least, even some of the MMM are running stories that are less than glowing about BO. Rush Limbaugh calls them random acts of journalism.  Okay, it isn’t going to happen at msnBSc or even nBSc but there are little blips.  The AP releases a critical story and the French news agency, AFP, is so shocked they try to pin it on Fox News. (Because they reported on the AP story that the MMM ignored.)  Most of the MMM actually reported on BO’s slams of the Supreme Court because they realize that if he can intimidate them he can intimidate anyone.

Some say that the lies are catching up with him.  When you lie this much, I’m surprised it took so long.  When the minions leave, all who will be left are the rats.



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