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January 2012
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Cool Hand BO - Not so cool.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:50 pm

There isn’t much joy on Obamaville after the trip to Arizona.  Little five foot something Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, put BO in his place.  Arizona is a state most other states want to be.  High employment, (That’s right, I said employment.)  great weather and laws that favor the productive, law abiding citizens of that state.  Only one problem.  BO and his political hit-man Eric, ‘I didn’t read the law.’ Holder keep sueing the state over illegal immigration issues.  Not that the state is allowing it but that they want to prevent it! 

Really, if you woke up at almost any time in our history but now, could you imagine a president that wants our country overrun by illegal aliens?  Sorry, I digress.

First of all BO whined about things Brewer had to say in her book.  OH, Boo Hoo.  I guess he doesn’t understand why someone whose state he constantly attacks and demeans would be unhappy with him.  Now we find out that he and Moochele also cried about what Michelle Malkin had to say about him and her in her number one seller, Culture of Corruption. 

It’s just too bad that a person bent on doing away with the Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence can’t take a little criticism .  I’m still having a problem understanding why he hasn’t had the Pledge of Allegiance renamed to the Pledge to Obama.

Ms.  Brewer also gave BO a nice little letter to go along with the smack-down he so richly deserved.  Go here to see the letter and read it.  Then the president of the United States, the oaf, walked away from her in mid-sentence.  What a classy guy.  In November let’s replace him with a real man not a community organizer. (Sorry, but no women are running, because if Michelle Bachmann was still in I would vote for her.) (Besides, she has more testicular fortitude than Mitt or Newt.)

Last Tuesday President Obama got off the helicopter in front of
The White House - carrying a baby piglet under each arm.
The squared-away Marine guard snapped to attention, saluted and said:
“Nice pigs, sir.
” The President replied: “These are not pigs.

These are authentic Arkansas Razorback Hogs. I got one for Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, and I got one for Nancy Pelosi.”

The squared-away Marine again snapped to attention, salutes and said,

“Excellent trade, Sir.”


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Jimmy Carter on crack
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 7:06 pm

Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying that BHO is Jimmy Carter on Steroids.  I have to disagree.  It’s much worse than that.  He is Carter on crack.  There can’t be any doubt that BHO is intent on destroying the economy of the United States.  At every turn he is making business harder and harder to do in the US.  If anyone else was doing the things BHO and his regime is doing they would be accused of being high.

The argument against the Keystone XL pipeline so specious at best.  The regime says that some pristine land in Nebraska would be destroyed if the pipeline were to break.  There are about 55,000 miles of crude oil pipeline from 8 to 24 inches in diameter in the US.  Since 1985 there have been about 20 accidents involving crude oil pipelines.  That’s an average of less than one per year.  Before 1985 there were much fewer. (Because there were much fewer miles of pipeline.  The left will site many more because they are including the more frequent gas and refined products pipeline accidents.  Please go here to see a diagram of the pipelines.  I almost forgot to mention the 20,000 jobs that are lost right now.  There is the added cost of another hunderd thousand jobs in the long run.  Go here to see a list of the oil pipeline accidents since 1985.

This is only the latest effort of the BHO regime to stifle the US economy.  Take a guess of how much new  regulations have cost since this travesty took office. $60,000,000,000.00  That’s right sixty billion!  over $26,000,000,000.00 in 2010 alone.  The cost of these regulations serve to put small businesses out of business.  How about the minimum wage?

It seems like a noble thing to raise the minimum wage but think how this affects a small business.  Or even a large one.  An employer is less likely to hire an inexperienced person if they have to pay them more than they are worth.  The other problem is that a business has a finite amount of capital to work with and so when the minimum wage is raised an employer that was thinking about hiring 3 or 4 people might have to hire 1 or 2 or none at all. 

This regime has been trying from the onset to change this country.  Hell, BHO even said, “We are going to fundamentally change the United States.”  The problem is that too many people thought he meant in a good way!  Those of us who warned that this bum was a Marxist/Socialist were ignored. 

Any Republican will be better than BO. (I have determined that not only is he not worth the effort of typing his whole name, he isn’t even worth 3 letters and the two that are left better describe him anyway.)  As I have said before, Mitt is almost as bad as BO, Newt isn’t much better.  Rick Santorum seems to be the best choice available.  But like I said, “Any of them is better than BO.”


A fellow was wandering through Chinatown in San Francisco and spied a bronze rat in the window of a curio shop.  It was rather unique and the man was intrigued.  He entered the shop and asked the elderly Chinese gentleman if the rat was for sale.  “Yes, of course.” he said.  “The rat is $19.95 but the story behind the rat will cost you $100.00.”  The shopper asked if he could just buy the rat without the story.  The shopkeeper reluctantly sold the man the rat for $19.95 but warned, “You will be back for the story.”

The fellow left with the rat.  As he walked down the street he noticed a few real rats following him.  As he walked further (and faster) he noticed more and more rats gathering behind him.  He tarted running toward the bay and by the time he got there, there had to be three thousand rats running after him.  He threw the bronze rat into the lake and the rats jumped in and they all drowned.

The guy rushed back to the curio shop.  Seeing him the proprietor said, “You’re here for the story, aren’t you?” “Hell no.” said the gentleman. “I want to know if you have any bronze Democrats.” 

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1949 as today!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 6:04 pm

Father, must I go to work?
No, my lucky son.
We’re living now on. Easy Street
On dough from Washington.

We:ve left it up to’ Uncle sam,
So don’t get exercised.
Nobody has to give a damn
We’ve all been subsidized.

But if Sam treats us all so well
And feeds us milk and honey,
Please, daddy, tell Me what the hell
He’s going- to use for money.

Don’t worry, bub, there’s not, a hitch
In this here noble plan-
He simply soaks the filthy rich
And helps the common man.

But, father, won’t there Come a time
When they run out of cash
And we have left them not a dime
When things will go to smash?

My faith in you is shrinking son,
You nosy little brat;
You do too damn much thinking,
son, To be a Democrat.

The funny thing about this poem is that it was read into the Congressional record in 1949 by Clarence J. Brown in response to a speech by Harry Truman which suggested that we should tax the rich more in order to increase entitlements.  Sorry, no joke this rant.

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Joe’s first rule of politics, again..
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:40 am

I know, I know, I’ve said, written and thought it a million times.  Maybe in the era of BHO I should say a trillion times.  All politicians lie! The rest of it for those who don’t read my rants is: A politician that never lied, never held office.  I have one possible exception to that and it is Ron Paul.  He has had the same messages since he first got into politics. First fiscal responsibility.  It was this and his general conservatism that got him elected as a congressman from Texas.  However, is it some of his other ideals that many say will keep him from national office.  He has very libertarian social views and foriegn policy ideas.  He, in fact. ran for President on the Libertarian ticket in 1988.  So, I guess I should say a politician that hasn’t lied won’t hold a national office. 

Now, on to the liar-in-chief.  I am getting very lazy in my old age.  Please click here to see a pretty comprehensive list of BHO lies.  I should say big lies. I know it is slothful of me but there are just too many of them to list in a short rant.  I have listed many in past rants but, oh woe is me, the burden grows heacier and heavier. 

CORRECTION:  In my last rant I said Romney can’t beat BHO.  I confess that I am wrong.  I think any (almost) of our candidates can beat him handily. Here are the caviats. No major screw-ups by whichever candidate we end up with. Election fraud is held to a minimum. (Except in Chicago.) BHO doesn’t nuke Iran in October.

My last rant contained my opinion of Newt and Mitt. Both are unmitigated RINOs. Well, Newt is a BIG-government conservative. (WTF?)  ..And they are both are liars almost on the scale of BHO.

Michelle just disappeared partly because of the vaccine brouhaha, partly from getting caught in a lie and partly because her campaign is just unravleing.  Santorum is surging but he has a problem with supporting Arlen (WC Fields sized liar) Specter in Pennsylvania.  He also has a problem with illegal immigration.  He doesn’t support amnesty but he voted against creating a voluntary E-Verify bill.  Click here to see his overall immigration record.

The BHO regime is a skid mark on the shorts of government and must be replaced in the next election.  It looks as though Romney will get the nod. (Too bad.)  My hope is that we win the Senate and the House BIG so that we can get Obummercare repealed and keep Romney from screwing up too bad.  If the Republicans don’t wrest the government from the Socialist/Marxist regime I think the country will be worse off that Europe ever could be.


 California Valley Girl went to an eye doctor to have her eyes checked for glasses. The doctor directed her to read various letters with the left eye while covering the right eye. The California Valley Girl was so mixed up on which eye was which that the eye doctor, in disgust, took a paper lunch bag with a hole to see through, covered up the appropriate eye and asked her to read the letters. As he did so, he noticed the California Valley Girl was uncontrollably sobbing.

“Look,” said the doctor, “there’s no need to get emotional about getting glasses.” “I know,” agreed the California Valley Girl, “But I kind of had my heart set on wire frames.

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