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December 2011
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Don’t let them win again, PLEASE!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 6:13 pm

I’m really getting sick of hearing how Romney would beat BHO.   He can’t beat him! Wait, I didn’t say it loud enough.  ROMNEY COULDN’T BEAT BHO OR ANY OTHER DEM IN THE GENERAL ELECTION!  Is that clear? 

The truth is he is only slightly to the right of BHO. (Not so much as you would notice.)  His is almost as big a liar as BHO.  Although, he did tell the truth about Romney care being his.  BHO and his minions will be sure to drill that fact (and the fact that Obummercare is based on Romneycare.)  If doesn’t get the Presidential nod at least he has a future at IHOP because he flip-flops enough. 

Now the dilemma.  Newt.  Newt is paper-thin better than Romney.  Well, maybe not that much better.  His is also a flipper and a liar.  (Remember Joe’s first rule of politics. ALL POLITICIANS LIE.  Some just lie bigger. (BHO)  Some lie sneakier. (Clinton)  Newt’s flips are out there for all to see.  He supported TARP.  He supported Cap and Trade. OH, I’m sorry, they aren’t lies. The lies are him trying to dance around some of his previous positions. 

Most conservatives that I know (including myself) will hold our noses and vote for either one of the above if they win the nomination because they will be so much better than what we have.  (Like we did for McCain) However, if we don’t nominate and elect a true conservative we will not have improved our lot by much, if at all. 

Here is the meat.  If we don’t elect a President who will go along with the newly elected (and soon to be re-elected and reinforced) Tea-Party dominated Congress we will lose in the next general election because that Congress will not be able to keep their promises.  Then we will truly have lost the country to Socialism.  Both Romney and Gingrich say they see parts of Obummercare they can live with!  We elected congressmen and women with the promise they would REPEAL Obummercare.  We have people in Florida like Rubio and West that are fighting for us.  Many other states elected similarly motivated Representatives and Senators. If we have a president that won’t fight for conservative values then these people will have served for naught!

With only a couple of weeks before the madness of caucuses and primaries begin we must fight for either Bachmann (my favorite) or Santorum to be nominated.  They are the only conservatives in the field. Otherwise the Liberals will win. (Again)

The first man in powered flight was from Ohio.
The first man to orbit the earth was from Ohio
The first man on the moon was from Ohio.
Sounds like a lot of people are trying to get out of Ohio!


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