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December 2011
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Who can’t beat BHO?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:26 pm

The RNC recently came out with an edict that said not to personally attack BHO.  Sorry, but the RNC has its collective heads up its collective where the sun don’t shine.  This is a man who has committed more crimes that Al Capone, has run a more crooked government than Idi Amin, has told more lies than Fibber Mcgee and is killing our government worse than Juan Peron did his.

You know I use his initials to try to equate him with KSM because they both want to destroy this country and because he isn’t worth the use of all the letters to spell his name.  He was in Kansas recently where he was making yet another campaign speech where he, one more time, made the appeal that America should be a country where government controls everything.  Wealth should only be in the hands of the government. (And of course he didn’t mention that HE should be the government.)  He laid the blame for the economic ills of this country at capitalism’s door.  Never a mention about the government regulations and taxes that sent many companies out of the country or out of business.  Never a mention about the government that coerced banks to make loans that they knew full well wouldn’t be repaid which in turn created the housing crisis.

He presides over a justice department which is so mis-managed as to be criminal.  Holder should be thrown in jail for his malfeasance first in the New Black Panther case, then the Arizona (and other states) suit, then the fast and furious case, then the Gibson Guitar Company case. There are probably many others. 

His NLRB sued Boeing trying to prevent them from opening a plant in South Carolina because it is a right-to-work state. (No unions)  The suit was withdrawn only after Boeing agreed to build another plane in Washington. (Union state)

This is a guy that for the past few months has been spending about 85% of his time campaigning (Over a year until the election!)  By the way, the campaigning will continue until the actual election, interrupted only by vacations.  He and his wife take extravagant vacations at out expense then claim they are ‘official trips’. LMAO!

Well, it seems the only people that can’t beat BHO are those in the RNC and their minions in the establishment Republican Party!  Bachmann and Santorum seems like the only real conservatives left in the race.  >Please see my last rant to see what I think of Gingrich and Romney!

So if you can’t attack him, how do you bring up all of his, and there are many, failings?  Please tell me!

Three ducks walk into a bar.  The bartender asks the first one, “What’s your name?” The duck replies, “Huey”

“what’s been happening, Huey?”, asks the bartender.  “Oh, I’ve been in and out of puddles all day long, just having a blast.” says Huey.  The bartender get his dring then address the next duck, “Hi what’s your name?” 

“Louie.” the duck replies.  The bartender asks, what have you been doing?  Louie says, “Been having a great time, in and out of puddles all day long.  It’s a duck’s life!”.  The bartender fetches Louie’s drink and says to the third duck, “I bet you are Dewey.”

“Oh no.” she says, ” My name is Puddles.”

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