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September 2011
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 9:19 am

BHO has come up with the perfect Socialist solution to all of our fiscal problems.  The rich pay more taxes.  It is already being called the Buffett bill.  It should be called the Buffoon bill.  I have to begin by saying that Warren Buffett is out of his @$%*&&$# mind.  I suppose that it may be easy to give a few million more if you are making hundreds of millions per year!  Ahh—let me begin at the beginning. Warren said in an interview that he pays a smaller tax rate than his secretary and that he (and his rich friends) should pay more.  He pays a smaller rate because he pays a team of accountants hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it so.  Here’s a hint Warren, FIRE THE ACCOUNTANTS and quit claiming the legal loopholes that they get for you! Then you can pay 36.5%.  Another thing old Warren forgot to mention is that his company pays millions in capital gains taxes each year. This is different than the income tax he spoke of and it is money that would be going right into the old fool’s pocket.  When you are already richer than Croesus a million here and a million there doesn’t mean anything to you. 

It is a well known fact that if you confiscated all the money ($12,530,101,184,000 in 2010 (and projected to be less in 2011)) that everyone makes in one year you wouldn’t have enough to pay the national debt and you wouldn’t have enough to pay BHO’s deficits for very long. (2011 deficit projected to be around 1.6 trillion dollars (and going up))  Don’t forget, you can only do this once.  If you take all the money earned then people won’t be paid, research won’t be done, investments won’t happen and so on and so on.  Job creators would have no incentive to create.  It would be the end of the country.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Even the densest of liberals know that government does not handle money well.  Look at the Postal Service, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, EPA and most Demoncratic State and local governments.  They are all going broke because all they know is: Step 1 – Spend. Step 2 – Tax. Step 3 – Spend more. 

The only cure is going to be very difficult for the citizens and especially hard for the politicians.  1 - Less spending. 2 – less taxing. 3 - Less regulation.  Politicians realize that through taxation and regulation they control the population.  This is going to mean that programs like all those mentioned above will have to be cut/reformed and others like EPA, Energy Department and Department of Education should be done away with completely!   A side note.  The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to find ways to lessen our dependence on foreign energy!!!  Think about it.  We are more dependant than ever and the DOE is getting bigger! Federal, state and local government unions must be outlawed.  I underlined that one because they are the root cause of most state and local municipalities going under.  Who the hell gets to work till they are fifty then retire with 75 - 90 percent of their pay?

I know the rant rambled a bit but it is all connected and it will take action throughout our government to avoid the coming disaster.  The first step was November 2010 and we can start fixing things for real in November 2012.  In the meantime it is up to the House Republicans to stop things like Stimulus 2 and the Buffoon bill.

Teacher was trying to teach her 2nd graders some concepts and she asked the class to name some things that ended in ‘tor’ that eats things. 

Little Sally’s hand shot up and the teacher called on her.  She said, “Alligator!”    “Very good, Sally.”  Then little Billy raised his hand and cried out, Raptor.” “That’s excellent Billy.” said the teacher. 

Donny, being a little hyper hollered, “Predator!”  The teacher admonished him for going out of turn but congratulated him because it was a big word. 

In the back of the room little Joey raised his hand.  The teacher never knew what to expect from him and with some trepidation called on him. “How about a vibrator?” he asked.  When the teacher recovered her composure she said that while vibrator does indeed end in ‘tor’ it doesn’t eat things.

Joey asks, “Are you sure?  My sister says hers eats batteries like crazy.”

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