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September 2011
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Who do they STILL think they are?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:26 am

The Executive branch of the government has once more far overstepped its authority by its actions against Gibson Guitar Company. (See my rant of 08/26.)  You may not think it is a big deal but if they can do this to Gibson, some say it’s because the principals of the company are Republicans or that Tennessee is a right-to–work state, then it can happen to you and your company  I urge tou to read the email I received below and go sign the petition.  Thank you .

Joe Melchiorre

We have published this petition on since the did not launch as expected.  We are starting a full social media and web push today to get as many supporters as possible, and to continue the viral online support of Gibson. Please share with your team members feiends and associates.

Desired result:

1.    RE: Gibson situation

·         Stop current investigation and negotiate a fair and conclusive settlement;

·         Commit to a time line for this to happen;

·         Return materials which were seized.

·         Agree that 90 day notice will be given prior to any hostile actions (seizures, raids, etc.) and provision of dialogue and independent third party adjudication prior to action.

2.    RE:  Lacey Act

·         Amend the law to provide clear guidance on what unequivocally will satisfy the need to comply with the “due care” and other provisions.  This needs to be defined in realistic and reasonably actionable form.

·         Provide a code of conduct when Federal agency’s do investigations.

·         Provide recourse to companies or individuals being investigated who feel the investigating agency is abusing its power, rather than truly seeking justice.  There should be due process where an independent third party can adjudicate grievances and insure there are consequences for abuse.

3.    Consumers

The consumers will not prosecuted for owning or transporting instruments for their own use (i.e. not attempting to make a profit on their sale).

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