The corruption of Washington.

July 2011
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:30 am

How can BHO possibly have a forty percent approval rating?  He has lies piled up so high you can no longer see him.  His foreign policy is even more stupid than Carter’s was.  Everyone knows his economic aim is to transform this country into a Socialist nation.  He has appointed radical, left-wing cabinet members and judges.  I have documented some of the lies, misdeeds and crimes many times in my rants.  I am sure I’ve missed a lot of them.

You know the answer to the question?  It is with the help and support of the MMM.  Actually there aren’t enough M’s there.  MMM stands for Malignant, Mendacious Media.  If you go to your dictionary and look up all the words that begin with ‘mal’ you can find several more.  How about maladroit, malicious, malevolent and probably more that I have missed. 

The MMMMM have been at BHO’s altar since he first came upon the scene.  Many of them harbor the same socialist tendencies as he does.  They refuse to report on the many unethical and sometimes illegal actions of this administration.  Can you possibly think a conservative could have gotten away with one tenth of what the MMMMM has let this regime slide with?  No way.  They have made up stuff about conservatives so blatant that even some of them have distanced themselves from the BS. 

Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio were walking along a road one day when they see a sign advertising a beauty contest starting right then.  Snow White says, “I think I could win so I’m going to enter.”  A little while later she rejoins the group and they ask her how she did.  She replies, “I won.”

A little later they see a sigh advertising a “World’s Strongest Man” competition.  Superman says, “I’ve got this one in the bag.”  He comes back a little later and declares, “I won and it was pretty easy.”

A little later there is another advertisement, this one for the world’s best liar.  Pinocchio says he will enter and all three of them will have won a contest today!

He comes back and Superman asks, “Well, how was it?” Pinocchio asks, “Who the hell is Barack Obama?”

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