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June 2011
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Losing (more) friends
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:00 pm

I am losing friends.  This time it is over the BHO stimulus debacle.  Willard (Not his real name) thinks the stimulus was good but not enough stimulusing was done.  I said, “WTF (Not his initials), are you crazy?  The stimulus along with Obama-care is bankrupting the country!”  He countered with the ever effective, “Oh yeah, says you.”

I tried explaining it this way.

1)   Not a single private sector job was created. (Not actually true, but I will explain.)

Those private jobs that were created were created to fulfill government contracts so they were the equivalent of temporary government jobs. The government paid the contractors and when the contracts were done so were the employees.

2)   Many, many government jobs (not temporary) were created. (D.C. is one of the few places in America with a thriving housing market!)

3)   In order to pay a government employee or pay for a government contract guess who has to pay for it?  Anyone?  Right, you and me.

Well anyway I explained that the most important part of all of this is that the private jobs were very temporary and the government jobs will always be a net minus to the economy because we have to pay for them for-frickin’-ever! (Including benefits and pensions)

His response was the even more effective, “F&%& you.”  (Liberals just hate logic.)

An elderly guy was placed in a nursing home by his family.  While he was watching TV he started leaning to one side.  A nurse quickly rushed over and straightened him up.  Later when he was finishing dinner he began to tip to the other side. Again the nurse rushed over and straightened him up. 

His son came to visit and asked how they were treating him.  “They treat me pretty good but there is one problem.” The old man said.  “What’s that?” queried the son.

“They won’t let you pass gas.” 


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