The corruption of Washington.

June 2011
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Wealth, Power and Privilege
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 6:56 pm

Now that Anthony Weiner’s, weiner’s story has been told I want to throw in my thoughts for what they are worth.  I have no comment about Republican versus Democrat in this matter.  I’ll just say what Rush Limbaugh says and that is that sexual deviance, misogyny and infidelity are résumé enhancements for liberals.  Any Republican in the same situation would have resigned by now.

The fact is that most men have some kind of fantasy. Not necessarily sexual.  It could be about wealth, adventure, travel, almost anything.  Usually they are harmless.  Some get to live out those fantasies.  Having a Ferrari, being the grand pobah of some organization or another, climbing Mt. wherever or being a scion of business are but a few common ones.  Wealth can usually help you accomplish most of them.

With wealth, power and privilege some men (and women) feel they are not subject to the rules of morality or the laws of the land.  Edwards, Weiner, Kennedy, Hart, Foley and Lee are the tip of the dirty iceberg.  Washington has long been a cesspool where conscience and morality are forgotten.  You have Little Timmy Geithner, Charlie Rangel both tax cheats and still holding office.  If they were in the private sector they would both be in jail.  Nancy Pelosi used the U.S.A.F. as her and her friend’s and family’s personal shuttle service to San Francisco. (And wherever else they wanted to go.)  You have Ted Kennedy who had to wait to see God for his punishment. 

You have a President who hasn’t uttered an honest word since we heard of him. He is soon to be in violation of the War Powers Act.  He and his wife use Air Force 1 and 2 as their own little vacation service.  Remember the House banking scandal in 1992?  In case you don’t.  This is where 22 representatives were using the House bank as their own piggy bank they could borrow from with no limit on the time they had to pay it back and no interest.  There were members of both parties involved. (Most were Democrats)  See for names.  Some of those scumbags are still holding office! The House post office scandal was smaller but at least it resulted in some jail time, well, until Dan Rostenkowski was pardoned by another shining example of morality, Bill Clinton.  Yeah, let’s not forget him, “I did not have sex with that woman…”   Look at some of the thieves he pardoned when he left office.

What I’ve written here is only a few grains of sand in a galaxy of scum.  They are only a few of the most famous examples.  If one of the blatant ones like Weiner or Rangel represents you, use your power and send them back to chasing ambulances.  They have made it so easy to be immoral in Washington, it has become the culture.  You may not have read it here first but I’ve been saying it for years, “ALL POLITICIANS LIE!”  Show me a politician that never lied and I’ll show you a politician who never held office.

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