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June 2011
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The shortest rant yet!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:06 pm

This is a very short rant.  I wish I could make it an audio rant because if it was you would hear me screaming,


Here are a few reasons.

1)   He is a liberal.

2)   His family supported Harry Reid to the tune of $25,000.

3)   He isn’t a moderate, he is a LIBERAL!

4)   He believes BHO is right about a number of things like Cap & Trade.

5)   He supported TARP and the Stimulus.

6)   Did I mention that he is a R.I.N.O?

There are plenty of good candidates out there and all are better for the country than Jon Huntsman who just happens to be the one candidate who is no better for the country than BHO.


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Why can’t they see????
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:54 pm

Most of the people I know understand why BHO’s economics don’t work.  I actually had a discussion last week with a (liberal) fellow who either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to.

Let me begin by repeating what Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” 

Today, we have over 45% of the people in the country getting some sort of check from the government.  Some of them are getting Social Security while others get some other sort of aid, welfare or other sustenance payments.  A larger and larger portion of these people are saying that this is the way they want to live.  Just getting by on what Uncle Sam gives them is enough. There is no desire to make themselves better or get ahead.  Some governments in the world like this attitude because it makes the populace easier to control.  

It doesn’t work forever.  In order to support more people you need to raise taxes on those people who and companies that have money.  At some point you either put the company out of business or they move offshore.  At some point you can’t tax the people at a higher rate because they become too poor and become part of the impoverished class on the dole from the government.   At some point there is no money or it is worthless and the government itself collapses.

Why do they (Socialist politicians) do it?  Power and money.  Remember that most of these folks don’t care what happens when they are gone so if the country goes belly up and there are bread lines in 30 years, who cares?  Not them!  In every Socialist country the ruling class slices themselves larger and larger pieces of the pie.  Meanwhile they have made slaves of the people because the only way they can eat is to beg from the government.  Now, suddenly you aren’t a car salesman you are a ditch digger.  You, no not you, you! You are a sewer cleaner not a computer programmer.   Oh, sorry Mr. Jones you are too old for the hip replacement, it costs too much.

Now maybe I’m ignorant or just plain stupid.  The truth is I can’t understand why people don’t see the logic.  Some say it will be OK until I die so who cares?  Nothing can be done for these people.  They will vote to keep their goodies.  But younger people and those with children and grand-children have to see what BHO is doing to the future.

What do you call a beautiful woman on a bassist’s arm?
A tattoo.


What’s the difference between a bass and an onion?
Nobody cries when you chop up a bass.

What do you call a bass player that only knows two chords?
A music critic.

What do a fretless bass and a lawsuit have in common?
Everyone is relieved when the case is closed.

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Losing (more) friends
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:00 pm

I am losing friends.  This time it is over the BHO stimulus debacle.  Willard (Not his real name) thinks the stimulus was good but not enough stimulusing was done.  I said, “WTF (Not his initials), are you crazy?  The stimulus along with Obama-care is bankrupting the country!”  He countered with the ever effective, “Oh yeah, says you.”

I tried explaining it this way.

1)   Not a single private sector job was created. (Not actually true, but I will explain.)

Those private jobs that were created were created to fulfill government contracts so they were the equivalent of temporary government jobs. The government paid the contractors and when the contracts were done so were the employees.

2)   Many, many government jobs (not temporary) were created. (D.C. is one of the few places in America with a thriving housing market!)

3)   In order to pay a government employee or pay for a government contract guess who has to pay for it?  Anyone?  Right, you and me.

Well anyway I explained that the most important part of all of this is that the private jobs were very temporary and the government jobs will always be a net minus to the economy because we have to pay for them for-frickin’-ever! (Including benefits and pensions)

His response was the even more effective, “F&%& you.”  (Liberals just hate logic.)

An elderly guy was placed in a nursing home by his family.  While he was watching TV he started leaning to one side.  A nurse quickly rushed over and straightened him up.  Later when he was finishing dinner he began to tip to the other side. Again the nurse rushed over and straightened him up. 

His son came to visit and asked how they were treating him.  “They treat me pretty good but there is one problem.” The old man said.  “What’s that?” queried the son.

“They won’t let you pass gas.” 


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Wealth, Power and Privilege
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 6:56 pm

Now that Anthony Weiner’s, weiner’s story has been told I want to throw in my thoughts for what they are worth.  I have no comment about Republican versus Democrat in this matter.  I’ll just say what Rush Limbaugh says and that is that sexual deviance, misogyny and infidelity are résumé enhancements for liberals.  Any Republican in the same situation would have resigned by now.

The fact is that most men have some kind of fantasy. Not necessarily sexual.  It could be about wealth, adventure, travel, almost anything.  Usually they are harmless.  Some get to live out those fantasies.  Having a Ferrari, being the grand pobah of some organization or another, climbing Mt. wherever or being a scion of business are but a few common ones.  Wealth can usually help you accomplish most of them.

With wealth, power and privilege some men (and women) feel they are not subject to the rules of morality or the laws of the land.  Edwards, Weiner, Kennedy, Hart, Foley and Lee are the tip of the dirty iceberg.  Washington has long been a cesspool where conscience and morality are forgotten.  You have Little Timmy Geithner, Charlie Rangel both tax cheats and still holding office.  If they were in the private sector they would both be in jail.  Nancy Pelosi used the U.S.A.F. as her and her friend’s and family’s personal shuttle service to San Francisco. (And wherever else they wanted to go.)  You have Ted Kennedy who had to wait to see God for his punishment. 

You have a President who hasn’t uttered an honest word since we heard of him. He is soon to be in violation of the War Powers Act.  He and his wife use Air Force 1 and 2 as their own little vacation service.  Remember the House banking scandal in 1992?  In case you don’t.  This is where 22 representatives were using the House bank as their own piggy bank they could borrow from with no limit on the time they had to pay it back and no interest.  There were members of both parties involved. (Most were Democrats)  See for names.  Some of those scumbags are still holding office! The House post office scandal was smaller but at least it resulted in some jail time, well, until Dan Rostenkowski was pardoned by another shining example of morality, Bill Clinton.  Yeah, let’s not forget him, “I did not have sex with that woman…”   Look at some of the thieves he pardoned when he left office.

What I’ve written here is only a few grains of sand in a galaxy of scum.  They are only a few of the most famous examples.  If one of the blatant ones like Weiner or Rangel represents you, use your power and send them back to chasing ambulances.  They have made it so easy to be immoral in Washington, it has become the culture.  You may not have read it here first but I’ve been saying it for years, “ALL POLITICIANS LIE!”  Show me a politician that never lied and I’ll show you a politician who never held office.

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