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January 2011
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Reagan and BHO? WTF!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:48 pm

Who is the idiot at Time magazine that can even imagine Ronald Reagan with his arm around BHO?  When I saw that cover I thought I woke up in another universe.  One in which dark was light, wet was dry and up was down.  

First of all, BHO has written that he wants to undo everything Ronald Reagan has done and that Ronald Reagan stands for everything BHO abhors.  On the other hand Ronald Reagan most likely would not have spoken with such an avowed Marxist as BHO let alone put his arm around him.

This latest craze of the media trying to play that BHO has somehow found God, oh sorry I mean Allah, is pure BS.  In his State of the Obama speech he was so confused.  He claimed he wants to freeze spending. (That in itself is a big laugh)  If you freeze spending at the current levels we will be totally bankrupt before he can stuff another plate of ribs down his gullet. In the same speech he says we must make investments in things like education.  (An even bigger laugher there)  We spend more on education per student than almost every other country but keep slipping further and further back in the sciences.  Most high school graduates couldn’t find Tucson on a map.  Oh that’s right, It is so much more important to learn intermediate navel gazing than math.  Better to learn black/Latin/women/native American/or whatever other studies than it is to learn geography, calculus, chemistry, engineering or something else useful.   

I don’t know how stupid the spinners at Time think the people are but that cover is one fairy tale even BHO’s kids wouldn’t buy! 

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Media Malpractice - Again and Again
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:47 am

I saw a documentary movie called ‘Media Malpractice:  How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted’  by John Ziegler.  It was chock full of great examples of media malpractice and malfeasance.  I only mention this so that you should get it, watch it, and then send on it to some liberal to watch.  The web site is here.
What I am writing about is yet another example of media malpractice.
  Of course, I’m talking about the coverage of the Arizona shootings by LEFT WING nut bag Jared Loughner.  First of all let me say the obvious:  This was a very tragic and horrible event.  My sympathies go out to all who lost loved ones and to those still fighting for their lives.  Almost immediately the main-stream media portrayed this guy as a right wing nut bag.  Needless to say they have since had to walk back their comments after finding out that the guy was actually an ULTRA LEFT WING nut bag. 

The media tried to tell us that this act was caused by Loughner being influenced by Sarah Palin and her year-old map with cross-hairs indicating places where Republicans should target for political take-over in the 2010 elections.  No mention of similar charts with bulls-eyes that political parties have been using for decades.  They also said that he was spurred on by the ‘violent’ rhetoric of right-wing talk radio.  Considering that I have heard really violent talk from the likes of Obermann, Mathews and Schultz.  Where were all of these people when Reagan Got shot?

I could make this a really, really long rant by giving examples of:
  left-wing media and politicians saying violent things and
2)  many examples of where they tried to pin events like this on the right before when it turned out to be leftties or
3)  their complete denial that Islamic terrorists perpetrated the tragedies they were responsible for.

But you could look all of them up yourself and save me a ton of typing.   Needless to say there is enough rhetoric on both sides to fill a trash truck. 

Here is something to think about.  Loughner’s record shows he has been giving Gabrielle Giffords trouble since 2007, long before he or anyone else ever heard of the Tea Party or Sarah Palin.  He has been recognized as a total nut for years.  Why can’t the media just portray this as what it is?  A crazy person doing a terrible crazy act which everyone in his town thought he might do…including the ignorant sheriff of Pima County dimwit Dupnik.

One other thought.  Do most people even know that there was a Republican Federal judge killed in the shooting?

I can’t give you a joke this time because the main-stream media is the joke.

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Yes, We do love the Constitution
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:16 am

It is really disappointing to hear and read what the left is saying about the conservatives’ love and respect for the Constitution.  The Constitution only matters to them when they think they can manipulate it to mean something that it doesn’t.  The same is true for any law or rule.  This is at the heart of them trying to do away with the filibuster rule in the Senate. If they are successful then they can pass any piece of penguin poop legislation they want with a simple majority.  The writers of the filibuster rule (#22) did so for the express purpose of preventing abuses of a narrow majority forcing onerous legislation on the nation.

The Democrat politicians have a lot of guts complaining about the Constitution fetish of the Republicans.  Especially when they must swear an oath to abide by and protect that same Constitution when they are sworn into office.  Obviously this means as much to them as our rights do.  After all is said and done, the Constitution is a roadblock to all they would like to ‘accomplish’. 

I am not at all surprised about the media’s disdain for the Constitution.  The only part they even think about is the first amendment and only when they hide behind it to protect their right to free speech.  If you say something that is counter to what the left believes then you must be silenced. 

We are about to see the Democrats try to usurp the government of the United States.  If they get away with abolishing rule 22 in the Senate there is nothing stopping them.  “From what” you ask?  Use your imagination.  If you can possibly think of it they will be able to do it and it won’t be anything good for you.  Please write, call or visit your Senator to try to convince them to stop this travesty.  The Capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.  Don’ be afraid to use it.

“Oh wow, I’m convinced my mind is almost completely gone,” sighed my wife one day.  I responded, “I’m not surprised.  You’ve been giving me a piece of it every day for the past twenty years.” 

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