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November 2010
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TSA (The Sexual Abusers)
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:58 pm

Number of TSA Agents: 67,000

TSA’s FY 2010 budget: $7.8 billion

Number of terrorists caught by TSA: ZERO

All you have to know about the TSA is right there. I understand the devious mind that says. “They’d never suspect a 3 year-old blond kid with extremely white parents of carrying this bomb so…” And of course let’s not forget about the 32 year employee of the airline who is forced to remove her prosthetic breast. What about the elderly nun getting frisked. Over the coming days and weeks there will be more YouTube videos, complaints and finally there will be law suits.

Once again, take a look at the numbers above. The Millennium bomber was caught by Diana Dean an alert U.S. Customs inspector who noticed that he looked shifty and was sweating. In other words, she profiled him!

The Israelis profile and there have been no successful bomb plots on their airlines. If not for the incompetence of the bombers we would have had two. The shoe bomber and the panty bomber are the only two I know of. Both failed because the bombers were incompetent and their bombs didn’t work!

If you have to fly, I have a suggestion. Go through the scanner but before you leave home paint something like, “The guy behind be is a terrorist.” On your underwear with metallic paint. I mean just for a laugh.



A couple of ideas/rumors have come to my attention.  One that Rush Limbaugh has put forward is that the pat-downs have been so intrusive so that you will be intimidated into doing the scan and thus exposing yourself to yet more radiation that you don’t need.

The other is that there might be intelligence that there is going to be a terrorist attack soon and that there have been a couple of terrorist spotted in Europe.  Even if that is true, do you really think a couple from West Dodad, Idaho with a three year old daughter look like they might be them?

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