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November 2010
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A little advice to the NEW Republicans in Washington.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:11 pm

A little advice to the NEW Republicans in Washington.

First of all, don’t back down.  We sent you there to cut spending, repeal and replace Obama-care and to reduce the size of government.

I have an idea for the first one:  Eliminate any department or program that is not specifically called for by the Constitution.  No, I mean it.  Get rid of them all.  The US Department of Education comes to mind.  Never has an organization been so rife with corruption and waste. Not only that it hasn’t educated one person; it is the politization of the education system.  The next thing is to stop all funding of ACORN, SEIU, AF of L, and all political organizations.  That isn’t the job of the government. 

Stop giving aid to countries that oppose us at every vote in the UN and around the world, as a matter of fact, withdraw from the UN and kick them out of the US.  Turn the UN Building into low cost housing.

Next:  Let’s take a look at the DOE and the EPA.  More fraud, waste and corruption.  I’m not going to document these because there are so many bits of proof on the internet that you have to be brain-dead to miss them.  Just Google “EPA fraud” or “DOE scandal” (Homework assignment)

Put forward bills, that’s right I said bills to repeal and replace Obama-care.  Make the bill not only to repeal but to replace with common sense solutions to the flaws in our health care system.  I bet you can do it in a hell of a lot less than 2500 pages!  You will save us money on top of that.  The reason I say bills is that when Obama vetoes the bill, put it forward again.  Make sure the American people know that the Republicans have solutions and the president won’t let them go forward.  Explain, every week if necessary. How you intend to fix the disasters this administration has foisted on us.

And oh yeah, go ahead and compromise.  Let him have spinach on his pizza.

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