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November 2010
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TSA (The Sexual Abusers)
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:58 pm

Number of TSA Agents: 67,000

TSA’s FY 2010 budget: $7.8 billion

Number of terrorists caught by TSA: ZERO

All you have to know about the TSA is right there. I understand the devious mind that says. “They’d never suspect a 3 year-old blond kid with extremely white parents of carrying this bomb so…” And of course let’s not forget about the 32 year employee of the airline who is forced to remove her prosthetic breast. What about the elderly nun getting frisked. Over the coming days and weeks there will be more YouTube videos, complaints and finally there will be law suits.

Once again, take a look at the numbers above. The Millennium bomber was caught by Diana Dean an alert U.S. Customs inspector who noticed that he looked shifty and was sweating. In other words, she profiled him!

The Israelis profile and there have been no successful bomb plots on their airlines. If not for the incompetence of the bombers we would have had two. The shoe bomber and the panty bomber are the only two I know of. Both failed because the bombers were incompetent and their bombs didn’t work!

If you have to fly, I have a suggestion. Go through the scanner but before you leave home paint something like, “The guy behind be is a terrorist.” On your underwear with metallic paint. I mean just for a laugh.



A couple of ideas/rumors have come to my attention.  One that Rush Limbaugh has put forward is that the pat-downs have been so intrusive so that you will be intimidated into doing the scan and thus exposing yourself to yet more radiation that you don’t need.

The other is that there might be intelligence that there is going to be a terrorist attack soon and that there have been a couple of terrorist spotted in Europe.  Even if that is true, do you really think a couple from West Dodad, Idaho with a three year old daughter look like they might be them?

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It is time to write an e-mail
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:30 pm

It is time to write a letter, make a call or even visit your local media outlet.  These people have been lying to you for many years now.  They either distort a story to make what a Democrat or Democrats did sound good or what Republicans did sound bad.  Sometimes they don’t even report a story because it would embarrass the Liberals or make Conservatives look good.  Other times they will repeat a story that is twenty years old to try to smear a Republican.  They have no credibility and certainly no integrity.

The old joke is, “How can you tell an MSNBC analyst is lying?”  His lips are moving.  How can you tell when anyone from the NY Times or Washington Post is lying?   The paper isn’t made of blank pages. 

It isn’t any wonder that these publications are losing money hand over fist.  People are realizing (finally) that they have been lying to us.  I understand believing in ideology,  most people believe in something.  I can even understand slanting a story according to your own personal bias.  Who hasn’t tried to make themselves sound better in the telling of a tale?  What I can’t accept is the people that whose job it is to inform us and let us know what is going on around the country and the world flat-out lying.  Not mistakes of fact but bald-faced lies.  It’s not only that they lie but they couch the very words of each story to prejudice one way: against Conservatives. It could be as innocent a story about a radical 13 year old kid flying the American flag on his bike or as serious as the angelic Islamic wrongfully convicted of one of the two hundred and eighty-some charges against him.  They are going to be particularly rabid over the next two years.  They will try to discredit each and every rising-star of the Republican party and those that have been around.  If Sarah Palin decides to run for President or VP they will literally foam at the mouth to get her.

The left is always clamoring to end free speech for conservatives when they have a propaganda arm of the Democrat party called the main-stream media.  Soon though, they will be in the vast minority because more and more people are tuning to conservative talk radio, Fox News, Conservative magazines and papers like NewsMax and Human Events. 

I have started emailing the Times (LA and NY) when I see a blatant lie or distortion.  I know it won’t change their stripes but at least I hope it aggravates someone at the paper.  When you see something like that in your local paper or one of the TV outlets let them know at and if it is newsworthy they will publish your finding.  The more these vermin are exposed the better the possibility that they may change — Nah.

On a rural road a state trooper pulled a farmer over and asked, “Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car several miles back?”  The Farmer replied, “Thank God, I thought I had gone deaf.”


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Stay on top of your new legislators
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:27 am

You hear about stuff that should wake you up.  Well this article in Pravda that my brother sent to me should have woken everyone in the country up last April. (It was published 0n April 27th, 2009.)

Well, now we have just begun to turn it around.  If Obama isn’t stopped dead in his tracks and if every one of Obama’s “accomplishments” aren’t repealed in the next 4 years then I fear that the article is more prophetic than you can possibly know.  Even after this last election we must keep after our new and existing legislators to root out every piece of leftist, cancerous legislation the Democrats passed since 2008 and rip it out. 

People like Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott must be banished from Washington because they are fighting AGAINST the current conservative resurgence.  I know Trent Lott is just a lobby whore now but his lobbying group has power.  It is important to point out that instead of helping TEA party candidates these two RINOs fought against them in the primaries and then ignored them when they asked for help during the campaign.  The RNCC is just as big a culprit.  Then they have the nerve to complain about the TEA party candidates “losing” the Senate.  The Republicans never would have won so many elections this year if not for the TEA party.  The truth of the matter is that the TEA party people are there to change Washington for the better and abolish the good ole’ boy networks which will keep letting liberalism creep into our lives. 

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It’s only the first step
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:27 pm

Don’t let anyone fool you.  The conservatives had a great day on November 2nd.  However, it is merely the first baby step of a lot of steps.  Nineteen Democrat seats were up for grabs and the Republicans took six of them. Maybe seven.  In 2012 the Democrats will have 21 up for re-election and the two independents (Independent yeah, right.) will be also.  The TEA party and the rest of the conservatives had better keep their eyes open.  We will have to wait until 2014 to get rid of Lindsey Graham.  There are a few RINOs we have to dispatch and don’t forget the Democrats that had their elephant costumes on for the election. You will see them show their true colors now that they have won.

OK, so now I’m supposed to believe that Sarah Palin is stupid because she did so poorly endorsing in the election.  Hmmmm, let’s see now.  Out of 54 endorsements going into Election Day 32 won, 17 lost and five are undecided as of this writing. I could wipe out Vegas if I could do that good.

Over the next several months you are going to see the liberals insult, defame and slander Sarah Palin any way they can.  I’m sure the next thing is going to be her having an affair with a moose.  Once again, the left shows no integrity, class or brains.  Why attack a television commentator?  Simply because they are afraid of her running for President in 2012, that’s why!  Please stay involved and don’t forget what they have been doing to us these last couple of years.  We have some serious policy changing to do!

I asked the girl if I hadn’t seen her someplace before and she said that I had and that’s why she doesn’t go there anymore.

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A little advice to the NEW Republicans in Washington.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:11 pm

A little advice to the NEW Republicans in Washington.

First of all, don’t back down.  We sent you there to cut spending, repeal and replace Obama-care and to reduce the size of government.

I have an idea for the first one:  Eliminate any department or program that is not specifically called for by the Constitution.  No, I mean it.  Get rid of them all.  The US Department of Education comes to mind.  Never has an organization been so rife with corruption and waste. Not only that it hasn’t educated one person; it is the politization of the education system.  The next thing is to stop all funding of ACORN, SEIU, AF of L, and all political organizations.  That isn’t the job of the government. 

Stop giving aid to countries that oppose us at every vote in the UN and around the world, as a matter of fact, withdraw from the UN and kick them out of the US.  Turn the UN Building into low cost housing.

Next:  Let’s take a look at the DOE and the EPA.  More fraud, waste and corruption.  I’m not going to document these because there are so many bits of proof on the internet that you have to be brain-dead to miss them.  Just Google “EPA fraud” or “DOE scandal” (Homework assignment)

Put forward bills, that’s right I said bills to repeal and replace Obama-care.  Make the bill not only to repeal but to replace with common sense solutions to the flaws in our health care system.  I bet you can do it in a hell of a lot less than 2500 pages!  You will save us money on top of that.  The reason I say bills is that when Obama vetoes the bill, put it forward again.  Make sure the American people know that the Republicans have solutions and the president won’t let them go forward.  Explain, every week if necessary. How you intend to fix the disasters this administration has foisted on us.

And oh yeah, go ahead and compromise.  Let him have spinach on his pizza.

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This guy is a pro.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:04 pm

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  ALL POLITICIANS LIE!  Having said that, Obama has taken it to a new level.  This is a short rant because it is very full of links to other web pages that make my point and save me from a lot of typing.  Check out the Pulitzer prize winning They document lies. They document broken promises and they document partially broken promises.  Another good source for truth or lie is  This is a good place to see the 2010 campaign lies. All of these people lie;  It’s how they live and thrive.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Show me a politician that never lied and I’ll show you a politician that has never held office.” Be advised that you will find lies that folks of both parties have told.  Thats what I like about people running for office.  Eventually they all prove they are politicians!

If you don’t vote and you don’t like the election results, tough luck.  If you do vote and don’t like the results, change it next election.  So, tomorrow vote your instinct.  Don’t try to find the honest person. After all Diogenes searched his whole life and couldn’t do it, you only have untill tomorrow!

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