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October 2010
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I have a reader in Nevada
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:34 pm

I happen to know that I have a reader in Las Vegas.  I hope he passes the rant to other Nevadans so maybe they will consider what they are voting for.  It seems that around half of the people in that state need Plexiglas navels so they can see where they are going.  Las Vegas has an unemployment rate of around 15%, near the highest in the nation.  Senator Reid is one of the reasons we have Obama-care and one of the main proponents of the ‘Stimulus’ program.  If it wasn’t for Harry’s shenanigans in the Senate we probably wouldn’t have  one half of this regime’s job killing, free-market crushing, senior starving programs we have and are likely to get while Obama is in office.  He has lied about the millions he has made and about how he lives his life.  For example he says he lives in a one bedroom apartment on the second floor while he is in Washington.  He forgets to mention that it is at the Ritz Carlton.  He has made millions on a shady land deal when he didn’t even own the land.

As I see it, the only thing that keeps Harry afloat is his promise not to allow nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain.  You know this promise has an expiration date.  That date is the moment it becomes profitable, either politically or economically for Harry to give up the mountain!  Do you really have any doubt?

Harry has absolutely no respect for his constituents and he freely admits that the citizens of Nevada don’t know what’s good for them so is willing to rule against their will as long as he maintains power.   He wants to grow government and raise taxes.

Sharron Angle, on the other hand, sponsored Nevada’s Prop 13, the Angle Property Tax Restraint Initiative. This bill, which cannot be repealed by future legislature, places a hard cap on the increase of property taxes. Sharron also co-sponsored the Tax and Spend Control for Nevada, which imposes a constitutional measure aimed at limiting government spending.  She is an advocate of repealing and replacing Obamacare with a sensible plan that includes tort reform, interstate healthcare sales and more to reduce, not raise, the cost of healthcare

The controversy that surrounds her belief that the Constitution does not mandate separation of church and state is the result of either miss-education of sheer stupidity of her critics.  Please read the following if you believe the Constitution mandates separation of church and state.   Unfortunately the founders’ words and intentions are commonly misinterpreted, mostly on purpose, by the secular left.  Please read the article.  You will also find that most real constitutional scholars will agree with Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.  Please read the first amendment as well.   Don’t forget that Congress starts each session with a prayer!

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Today is just another day.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:40 am

Today is just another day.  We have 10% unemployment if you can believe the numbers out of Washington.  We have an economy that is fast heading for the dumpster, if it isn’t there already.  We have a media that is so disposed to the liberal ideology that they refuse to report on gross malfeasance on the left when it slaps them in the face.  They blow things out of proportion on the right.  They even make things up when they can’t find anything truthful to say.  We have government leaders that don’t give a whit about the will of the people.  They are only concerned with increasing and maintaining their power.  We have a government that is suing its own people for enforcing its own laws.  (I know, here is when I’m supposed to say, “WTF?”  Well, I’m not going to.  There isn’t one thing I’ve written above that I haven’t written before and that you haven’t heard, thought or said yourself.  O.K., so now is where I say, “WTF?”

How can the polls say that BHO is still above 0% confidence and popularity?  (Oh yeah, we refer to terrorists by their initials, like KSM or UBL.)  If you think he isn’t a terrorist, think about the damage he has already done to this country.  He closed more stores that the Taliban could hope to.  Damage to the economy but to the national attitude as well.  Never has this country been so divided.  This is more damaging than a bomb in Time Square.  There are those of you who will say I am making reference to his race.  Sorry, but that won’t fly.  If he was J. C. Watts, Bobby Jindal, or even Colin Powell (I would have had to hold my nose, but I would have voted for him over BHO.) we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.  There are other politicians of color that would have been much better than BHO whom most Americans would have voted for.  It is the left that always plays the race card without fail.  When you can’t argue the issue, call him a racist!

The division is caused, in large measure, by the current regime trying to make the United States into a welfare, socialist or fascist nation.  (I’m not sure which, if not all three.)  It is not what this country is all about.  If you want what he is selling, just talk to some of the Russian or eastern European immigrants to this country.  They will tell you that they are afraid because what BHO is doing is what they ran away from to come here.  On November 2nd we can take the first step towards stopping this progressive / liberal train wreck.  A vote for a conservative candidate at every level of government will help and I do mean every level: city, county, state and federal. Even your homeowners’ association!


I got in an automoble accident the other day.  I rear-ended another car.  I got out to exchange insurance information.  When the other guy got out I saw that he was a little person.  He looked up at me and said, “I am not happy.”  To which I replied, “Okay, which one are you?”

That’s when the fight started! 

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