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September 2010
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Coming to your town - Dead Voters
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:58 pm

You should be outraged.  Will you be angry enough to write, call or visit your state election boards and/or representatives?  Unless you want to suffer permanent Pelosi, Reid and Obamaitis you had better be.  Right now in the United States there are hundreds of thousands of dead and duplicate voters.  There are voting precincts that have more registered voters than there are voting-age residents.  There seems to be over 100,000 dead voters in Massachusetts.  Google ‘dead voters’  to see what I am talking about. Every city in the country has, illegally, inaccurate voting rolls.  Illegally is the operative word here.  States are required to clean up the voter rolls each year.  This is being ignored.  The justice department knows about this and does nothing.  “Why?” you ask.  If you do ask you are too dumb to own a computer or you are being purposely obtuse.  VOTER FRAUD is the answer you were searching for.

The rumor mill says that this is the main reason we have a failed comedian as a Senator from Minnesota.  As I understand it, Al had more voters in one precinct than there were people!  I don’t really doubt that it is one of the reasons we have a no-talent, inexperienced community organizer playing President.

It is up to each of us to contact our state election boards and let them know you are not going to stand for voter fraud.  We also have to petition the state and federal justice departments to straighten this up NOW! 

This problem exists in many states.  Some of the worst are: Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Florida and Virginia.  Many more are almost as bad.  Please contact your state representatives’ offices to let them know that you want them to correct the problem.

People have, too long, left the governing of this country to the politicians.  The Gettysburg Address reads, “Of the people, by the people and for the people..”  It’s too bad that the only part most people remember is the, “for the people”, part.  The only part the politicians remember is “of the people”. The, “by the people”, part has been ignored by most of us.  The TEA party people are starting to take this back a little but we must be vigilant so the politicians cannot usurp our rights any more.

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