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September 2010
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What is frustration?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 4:45 pm

Frustration is watching the main-stream media tie themselves into knots trying to keep the Obama administration lies and treacheries straight.  MSNBC, NBC, New York Times Washington Post, ABC, CBS, CNN, TIME and NEWSWEEK are nothing more than cheap whores.  How can any honest journalist or news publication sit by and watch what is going on and not have 3 inch headlines decrying the downright treason going on in Washington.  From the beginning before Obama was elected, saying his father served in WW II, right on through to today suing Arizona and setting the UN human rights commission on that state.

While all of the outlets mentioned above have dwindling audiences and plummeting readership they still reach tens of millions of people each day with the same tripe.  Vladimir Lenin said, “A lie told often enough becomes truth.”  This is what the media in the United States has been practicing for quite a while now.  In previous rants I’ve documented lies and what I believe are downright crimes committed by the Obama regime.  Follow this link to see a well documented directory of Obama lies.  It doesn’t take much research to accurately document dozens of lies and crimes.  Where the heck is an observant media when you need it?

Now you know the old saw is, “If this were Bush, there would be a storm of criticism from the media.”  Well, it’s true.  As I have said many, many times before, “ALL POLITICIANS LIE!”  They couldn’t get where they are without lying.  That is a fact you have to get used to.  You have to research which lies can hurt you most and run away from those liars.  The American people were, and still are being lied to by Obama and his court jesters. (The above mentioned media outlets)  This is why the Obama administration is in power.  I know the Republicans won’t hold hearings when they take over in November but if they did, they should look into what the media did to help cause this travesty.

My frustration is:  Why do these people continue to perpetrate the lie? Like I said, they are whores.


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